Here are a bunch of screenshots of “Elden Ring” from the new gameplay trailer.


The video game everyone’s been waiting for finally released its first gameplay trailer during the nearly two-hour Summer Game Fest live stream. Geoff Keighley and FromSoftware closed the show with one of the most epic video game trailers I’ve ever seen. Until the trailer goes public, I thought you might want to see some screenshots I took during the show.

Ancient ring is the last game of the Dark souls developer, but it is made with George RR Martin, the author of Game of Thrones. I’m not sure how this collaboration works or what kind of influence Martin will have in the storytelling department – he’s a bit more verbose than Hideo Miyazaki – but I’m delighted to find out.

The trailer showed off a number of the game’s heroes, enemies, and bosses, while also being cryptic. Souls-style storytelling plays on action. Elden’s Ring itself is an important totem pole in this game’s mythology, but everything is so vague that it’s impossible to say what it means just yet.

Mounts also appear in the trailer, although they are not your typical horses. These can climb walls and jump high in the air. the Dark souls The summoning system appears to be back as well, with ghosts to play with in co-op or PvP. It looks amazing. I have become a gushing fanboy here and feel no shame.

Check out the screenshots below. Again, these were captured from a live trailer, so they’re not as HD or pretty as the official ones. I will update this post with more when they drop which should be soon.


Okay, I got a big batch of official Bandai Namco screenshots. Check out the bundle in the tweets below:

I AM. ADVERTISING THRESHOLDS. Praise the sun! Umbassa!

Watch the new gameplay trailer for Ancient ring here.

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