How to get the ‘Destiny 2’ Exotic Age Scepter, complete with all quest steps


The day has arrived. Destiny 2 is launching its second season of the Lost Exotic Weapon today, the culmination of a goose hunt that Mara sent us to the City of Dreams for. We’ve collected bias, and after today’s bundle it’s time to claim the weapon.

So how do you do it? Here’s a lite version of the 12 step quest, which takes a bit of time and doesn’t have a secret mission, but it’s okay and the gun looks… very good.

Step 1: Get the final tilts in the confluence

After talking to Mara, you’ll need to collect a final set of five Atlas Skews in Confluence, which aren’t labeled on the Dreaming City map, but that’s how we got to Shattered Throne. Remember, you have to go through one of those portals taken on the map? There are three locations for them, and you can see where a loved one is in the video here. No matter which one you pass through, I made Gardens. Here is one:

Once you’re there, it’s easy to find the biases as you just have to go through all the different hallways and they’ll show up. It’s easy to turn around, but it’s almost impossible to miss the memorized biases where you’re going to some extent.

Stage 2: Parallax and shootouts

After hearing more about the story, you will find the Scepter protected by some sort of protection. To break the protection, Mara asks you to do a big job in the Astral Alignment. You also need to collect 100 Parallax from anywhere, which you can do in about 30 seconds in the EDZ this week from Anchors.

After that you need a lot of rifle shots in the Astral Alignment, but remember anything counts as a shootout if it has a gun in the name. So it’s Scouts, Autos, Pulses, Mergers, Linear Fusions and Trace Rifles. It took me a full clear and another segment to do it.

Stage 3: Super and Champion Kills

You can do your super kills in like, two super kills in Astral, so it’s not difficult. Champions will take longer. Just remember when they appear in activities. When you defend the Servants, one will appear. When you soak a battery, a will appear. When you dunk a caught plague thing, one will appear. They appear when the boss loses enough health in the last room, on opposite sides. Get any amount of damage on them and they will count. You can shoot most of them 2-3 using fusion rifles at this power level. Again, it took me about an Astral and a half to complete.

Step 4: Three strikes

You have to run Glassway, Disgrad, and Lake of Shadows, once each. That’s it. You just need to manually select them on the map and beat them. You don’t have to find anything hidden inside, the item you need will automatically drop from the chest at the end once you clear it.

Step 5: Get Scepter, Kill Things

With the Shattered Protection, you can choose Ager’s Scepter and start blowing up those immune rocks we saw in the Shattered Realm. You then also have to fight a group of Hive, including a boss that we continue to face that has appeared in the lore book. This trace rifle is Stasis, so it’s in the first slot, and it creates AOE Stasis gel / slow blasts on kill, like a cold sunburn. So far he reigns.

The catalyst

It is a drop from an Astral Alignment Chest. I’m still working on whether it has steps on its own, but I’ll update it when I figure it out and what it does.

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