IFP Chief Whip Warns of Premature Findings on Phoenix Cause of Death


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Narend Singh, IFP’s chief whip in Parliament, called on the community of Phoenix, where deaths have been reported, to fully cooperate with the police investigation and bring the criminals responsible to justice.

He said the news of the deaths had “once again dealt an unacceptable and heartbreaking blow to South Africa”.

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“Investigations into these deaths have yet to reveal the cause and reasons for these deaths.

“The media and some members of the African National Congress (ANC) reported that these attacks were racially motivated, but no investigative facts were presented.

“This investigation is still in its infancy and prematurely concluding that race motivated these deaths is of great concern to me and many communities in KwaZulu-Natal.”

Singh called on responsible reporters to work with facts and evidence at their disposal, “an ethical practice which it seems has been shown the door.”

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“ANC members generally wait for the results of an investigation before taking a position on individuals or communities, as with the Zondo Commission. Suddenly, however, some are leading a campaign to taint an entire community. “

He wondered what gains could be made from these “destructive attacks by the media and the ANC on communities in South Africa?” Certainly, the majority believe that unity brings prosperity ”.

“As a member of the Indian community in South Africa, I can say that we do not accept racism, murder and crime in this country. We support all calls for justice for the families of all the deceased in these recent tragic events.

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No one will stand up for those guilty of murder – whatever the motive. Certainly, as in all communities, some criminal elements exist.

“These must be uprooted to prevent them from violently tearing apart our hard-earned, multi-layered social fabric. “



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