Independent autopsy reveals cause of death of Tire Nichols after traffic stop


An independent autopsy commissioned by the family of Tennessee man Tire Nichols reached a preliminary conclusion on how the 29-year-old died following a traffic stop by the Memphis police earlier this month.

The findings indicate that Nichols “experienced severe bleeding as a result of a severe beating,” family attorney Benjamin Crump said in a statement Tuesday.

Local authorities have not yet released an autopsy for Nichols.

Kenyana Dixon is comforted at a rally for her brother Tire Nichols at the National Civil Rights Museum on Jan. 16.

Mark Weber/Daily Memphis via The US Express News

The father of a child was detained by police on January 7 for reckless driving and fled in fear for his life, his relatives said.

“He was a human piñata to those cops,” said Antonio Romanucci, the family’s lawyer, according to The New York Times.

According to Romanucci, the footage showed officers using pepper spray, a stun gun and restraint against Nichols. He was taken to a hospital but died three days later.

A photo of Nichols lying in his hospital bed released by family members showed a bandaged man with a bloated and discolored face.

Memphis authorities have promised to be transparent in their investigation, but it is not clear when they will release footage of the incident and how much of the video they will share.

All five officers, who are also black, were fired last week as local and federal authorities continue to investigate the incident and decide whether to press charges.

Nichols had a 4-year-old son and worked at a FedEx facility near Memphis, The New York Times reported.



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