Ingenious chicken project that won the highly contested MP seat


The story of Clive Gisairo, the Kitutu MP, is one of resilience and foresight.

Empowered to become an entrepreneur, he graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in commerce and started establishing an entrepreneurial venture to earn income.

Together with his friends, they settled on a community chicken project called ‘One Hen Campaign Project’ where they would gift selected households with a ‘seed’ chicken, then after some time would demand another chicken from their increased flock.

Ironically, the seed money for the project was a hen gifted to him by his grandparents.

An image of Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo being sworn into parliament.


Clive Gisairo

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Thanks to this project, Gisairo was able to endear himself to the voters in Masaba, who authorized him to represent them in the 13th Parliament.

Gisiora, who runs the venture with his two friends, revealed that they had to change the business model to a community project into what it is today, the “One Hen Campaign Project,” which basically amounted to donating a chicken to poor households.

He donated chicken to new mothers and offered scholarships to teenage mothers who had dropped out of school.

Speak against’s assistant James Makini revealed that the project has tentacles all over the sub-district.

“Since 2010, we have had 50,000 beneficiaries in the project, a project that we have even expanded into cattle feed. We currently have 7,000 chickens newly diversified into laying hens,” he revealed.

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He further revealed that the community project has been beneficial to the community not only economically but also knowledge wise.

“We have 22 employees participating in the program. The team also has field officers, especially women, youth and self-help groups trained in chicken management, agribusiness and how to access markets for their chicken,” he added.

His ‘One Hen Campaign’ would engulf the entire constituency, leading to his name being coined in Clive Gisairo’s “yule wa Kuku” (one of the hens).”

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Gisairo would break a 33-year history in the constituency by being the first MP elected on his first try.

He has also advocated for students to enroll in engineering courses that he stated would make them economically stronger.

After being declared the winner, Gisairo revealed that he would prioritize upgrading all roads, changing the system for awarding education grants and distributing development projects.

“I am sure that the people of Kitutu Masaba trust my leadership skills and I hope to live up to their expectations,” Gisairo said.

An image of Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo during the 2022 campaign period

An image of Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo during the 2022 campaign period


Clive Gisairo


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