Is this ‘Modern Warfare 2’ menu glitch teasing a ‘Warzone 2’ beta?


I’ve played a lot of the Modern Warfare II beta now it’s available on PC. I’ve noticed some clear improvements over last weekend’s beta, especially in terms of visibility, but I’ll save my impressions for another post.

For now I want to talk about one of the weirder glitches we encountered yesterday – one of the many, many bugs and glitches and game crashes that plagued our play session. My game crashed multiple times on PC, but two of our teammates on Xbox Series X also experienced crashes, party kicks, and other weird things.

More on all this and the annoying menus/user interface later on. For now, the weirdest bug of all.

My brother took this screenshot when we pulled out of a match because my game crashed. We played Prisoner Rescue (which is a great mode) but for some reason as we exited the game, this came up:

BR Trios? Next one? This is clearly not part of the flow Modern Warfare II beta, but it’s baked into the code. You can see the squad size is 3, max players in the match 102 and “big cards” all under the NEXT BR TRIOS header. Below that is Loot and kill. The last team standing wins.

This is clearly a screen intended for: War Zone 2.0 but the big question is whether this is an indicator that War Zone 2.0 will either have its own beta or become part of the Modern Warfare II beta this weekend. I’ve contacted Activision to find out more, and if I hear anything I’ll report back.

For now . . . at least it seems possible that we have some kind of War Zone 2.0 beta. But then again, it could just be a piece of the full game that somehow slipped into beta and randomly popped up as one of many glitches.

What do you think of the beta so far? I will be announcing my impressions shortly. Aside from the awful menus, I’m having a damn good time. Let me know what you think Twitter or Facebook.



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