Jazz Rumours: Donovan Mitchell, Pat Beverley, Bojan Bogdanovic, Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson


HoopsHype’s Michael Scott and jazz beat writer Tony Jones share the latest updates on trade talks between the Jazz and Knicks area Donovan Mitchell. Plus, the possibility that Patrick Beverley, Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson, Mike Conley, Malik Beasley and others are traded, and more in the latest edition of the HoopsHype podcast.

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2:40 What’s the latest on trade talks between the Knicks and Jazz for Donovan Mitchell?

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Shot: Some have wondered if the Knicks sign a contract as… Evan Fournier in a potential Donovan Mitchell trade package because Danny Ainge traded for him with the Boston Celtics, but I want to remind everyone that this was a completely different situation where Utah would enter a rebuilding situation and be less inclined to take back long-term salaries for guys like Fournier and Julius Randle. Instead I see someone like Derrick Rose, who owes $14.5 million this season and has a team option for next season, which is more attractive to Utah. The Knicks would also be willing to trade Cam reddish. Then on Utah’s side you have the trio of young Knicks players who could appeal Obi Toppin, Immanuel Quickley and Quentin Grimes.

jones: I don’t think the two sides are close together. I don’t think they’ve been close. We’ll see what happens when the urgency of training camp looms. The Jazz want what they want, and that’s a choice of this deal, and they want young guys on short or rookie contracts. That by definition means Toppin, Grimes and Quickley. They are good young players and the Knicks want to protect those guys. The Knicks don’t necessarily want to deploy their young boys. They want to try to solve some unwanted contracts. The Knicks won’t release Derrick Rose. He has long been a favorite of Tom Thibodeau. I know the Knicks want to hold him and Grimes. Those guys have priority.

Shot: Rose’s contract, salary wise, makes the most sense if Utah doesn’t want to hire Fournier and Randle. There will have to be a bit of tug-of-war and compromise. From the Knicks standpoint, if they’re going to move Toppin, Quickley, or Grimes, they value Toppin at the very least as a first-round pick, Quickley is somewhere in that range too, and they’ll make the argument that Grimes is too. That would reduce the design choice compensation Utah would theoretically get back. Not sure if Utah is up for it Cam reddish.

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jones: I don’t think the Jazz have any appetite for Randle. Not sure if there is much appetite in Reddish. They’ve set a price for Mitchell, and from their perspective it’s right now that you pay the price, and they’ll trade him, or you don’t, and they’re going to training camp with him. They don’t feel like they should trade Mitchell or be obligated. They feel no urgency to trade it. They think they have multiple paths to being the team they were a few years ago. By the end of next season, they already have three selections in the first round. If they keep all their veterans, they’ll have $36-40 million in caproom. While some wonder which free agent would go to Utah? The cap space is not about which free agent would go to Utah. The cap space would be used to maneuver in the trading market. They could possibly make a trade similar to the one Portland did? Jerami Grant.

They look at it like there’s three years left on Mitchell’s contract, so if they’re going to trade it, it’s because someone is paying their price. I don’t see the Jazz dropping in price.

Shot: The feeling most people got in the whole league is that Utah wants more for Mitchell than for Rudy Gobert. You’re talking about five choices in the first round, maybe even six, depending on the protection and what young players are offered. That’s a big bite.

11:45 When might we see a potential trade between the Jazz and Knicks for Donovan Mitchell?

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jones: The feeling I’m getting now is that it probably won’t happen at a threatening level. The two sides are not close. For me, I think if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen closer to training camp or the start of the season. If it doesn’t then we’ll see what happens closer to the February trading TUSEN. It’s one of the reasons the Jazz haven’t made many moves in their roster. Mitchell is a domino that needs to be taken care of somehow. If the Jazz trades in Mitchell, it makes sense to go younger. Then I would expect more movements on top of that.

14:30 Is there a mystery team that can bring Donovan Mitchell in a trade?

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Shot: I don’t see Miami having the means to pull it off without saying goodbye Bam Adebayowhich I haven’t gotten the feeling they want to do.

jones: I don’t see it because I don’t think there is another team with the choice package that the Knicks have. I know people will say, “What about Oklahoma City?” OKC does not act for Donovan Mitchell, so realistically, there is no team that has the package that the Knicks have… And no, Miami is not close. They don’t have the assets.

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16:50 The Salt Lake Tribune reports there is an “overwhelming feeling” that Donovan Mitchell would be leaving Jazz in 2025

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Shot: There has always been speculative whispers about Donovan Mitchell leaving Utah ultimately as more a matter of when and not if for years. In theory, Mitchell could go into a bigger market and maybe earn more sponsorship money, but it’s not like people don’t know him after he became a star in the Utah playoffs in recent years and took his game to the next level. He has a shoe deal. I don’t know to what extent that aspect would play a role.

jones: It’s one of those things that has been talked about seemingly forever, and pretty much since he signed his second contract. The fifth year player option was something that raised a lot of eyebrows. It’s something the Jazz and the fans have been dealing with for years, honestly. If Mitchell wants out, Utah doesn’t have to trade him just yet. He has three years left on his contract. Next summer, with two years to go, that’s probably a good place, and then the Jazz can trade it and get 75 cents on the dollar.

Shot: Utah has the most influence if they move Mitchell now. Can they try to compete with him? Secure. But we saw what the team looked like with him and Rudy Gobert, who was a perennial Defensive Player of the Year nominee and an All-Star. The trade they made didn’t yield any players to help them. Gobert was the best player in the business. From a talent aspect, although they have added depth on paper, they have now taken a step back in terms of competing. When I’m Utah and I see the letters on the wall here, I really try to maximize this. Ainge has done this before in Boston when they wrote Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

21:35 Trading market for other jazz players

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Shot: Utah has a major security blockade that must be broken. Donovan Mitchell, Mike Conley, Malik Beasley (team option next season), Jordan Clarkson (player option next year), Patrick Beverley, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Jared Butlerand Leandro Bolmaro at. That has to be broken down.

Rudy Gay is a candidate to be traded by Utah because he is older and does not fit into the Jazz’s long term rebuilding plan, but I am not sure there is a strong market for him at this later stage of his career.

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The expiring contracts of Bojan Bogdanovic and Patrick Beverley relying on playoff-caliber teams around the league, sources told HoopsHype. Jarred Vanderbilt is also a nice young player that teams like I’m told, but there’s no urgent desire for Utah to move him as he could fit into their rebuilding timeline if Mitchell gets moved.

jones: With or without Donovan Mitchell, some of these veterans will be on the roster at the start of the season. They can’t move all these guys. Who are the guys who can move Utah (theoretically) tomorrow? I think Utah can move Bogdanovic, Vanderbilt and Beverley. They can move them quite easily. I don’t know how much market there is for Conley, Clarkson or Beasley.

26:20 Will Walker Kessler be Utah’s starting point?

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jones: That’s a tough question because so much of the roster is tied to Donovan Mitchell. If they don’t trade Mitchell, I see them go into the market and sign a center to start for them. If they trade Mitchell, they will obviously grow young, and that will open a path for Kessler. That said, I’m not sure he would be a starter as I think the Jazz want to know once and for all if Udoka Azubuike can play.

According to my sources, Azubuike has been working hard with the coaches all summer, and he has been in Salt Lake all summer. He has made many steps. That said, the Jazz like Kessler and sought him out in the Rudy Gobert trade. It is the second best rim protector in this rear design Chet Holmgren. Utah feels he has an advantage as a pick-and-pop offensive player and as a vertical spacer.

29:40 What can you expect from Will Hardy and other coaching additions?

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jones: I think the front of the sofa is done with Alex Jensen, Lamar Skeeter and Bryan Bailey. My sources told me earlier in the week that they had just hired Sean Sheldon from San Antonio, who was video coordinator at Will Hardy in San Antonio. I expect a lot of energy from Hardy. Everyone I’ve talked to really thinks he has a shot at being a great head coach. He is highly respected and loved in the competition.

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