Jim Cramer picks his standout stocks in 4 bull market industries


TUSEN’s Jim Cramer provided investors Wednesday with a list of bull markets he identified as companies reporting quarterly financial results.

“Now that we’re already one-fifth into the earnings season, we can start identifying the winners and losers,” he said, adding: “We’ve got some legitimate, sizable bull markets here, and they don’t seem to stop. And I want you in.”

Cramer also highlighted the companies that reported solid quarters and have stocks to buy.

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Here are the four sectors with bull markets, according to Cramer, and are standout stocks in each sector:


Aerospace and Defense



Cramer added that while other sectors also have bull markets, they are still in the early stages and not necessarily investable yet.

Discount stores like Money tree and TJX Companiessuch as telecom service providers AT&Tpharmaceutical companies want Johnson & Johnsonentertainment companies like disney and oil service stocks such as Halliburton are all worth keeping an eye on, according to Cramer.

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Disclaimer: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns stock in Wells Fargo, TJX, Johnson & Johnson, and Halliburton.

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