Kirstie Clements: The pursuit of beauty can get expensive


An Instagram post by one of the greatest models of all time, Linda Evangelista, broke the internet on Thursday when she revealed she had been “brutally disfigured” by a cosmetic fat freezing procedure called CoolSculpting.

As a result, she said, she had become a recluse, suffering from a cycle of “deep depression, deep sadness and the lowest levels of self-loathing.”

Evangelista, 56, took legal action against parent company Zeltiq, claiming that she remained (according to media reports) “unrecognizable” even after two unsuccessful corrective surgeries, which she says explains why she didn’t. no successful career now, compared to some of his peers.

The model who once joked that she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $ 10,000 a day is now struggling to leave the house due to a botched cosmetic treatment.

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It’s a sad and uplifting tale, of an industry that idolizes perfection.

Her comments section was awash with sympathy, with coworkers, fans, and strangers telling her that she’s brave, that she’s beautiful, that she’s always been beautiful inside and out, but was that what she still heard as she got older?

How does one of the world’s most iconic beauties deal with aging in an industry that’s always on the hunt for the next brightest girl?

For decades Evangelista has been celebrated for being genetically blessed, this is how she made a living, she was a goddess in the modeling world. She has also aged at a time when invasive cosmetic procedures are as common as tan sprays, even among the very young.

Some of the reigning models were completely transformed by major and multiple cosmetic surgeries before their careers even took off. Very obvious cosmetic procedures are common, they are literally in fashion. When everyone else is doing it, it’s very hard to resist.

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Designer Marc Jacobs is proud showing off her new and very excellent facelift on social media and enthusiastically promoting his plastic surgeon.

There is no shame in cosmetic transformation, neither in Hollywood nor in the Shire. We have the technology. We all pretend it’s okay to have injectables and fillers, fat transfers and eye facelifts.

Nothing better for the tabloids than adding a caption that says “She seems to be getting old inside out!” next to an actress who has clearly done an important job.

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We wait, no, demand perfection and we applaud it. But if you choose to go for a cosmetic procedure and it turns out badly, you must be feeling very lonely. It was something you voluntarily signed up for, how can you now expect sympathy?

Kim Novak, 81, was mercilessly intimidated by the press when she appeared at the Oscars with very extensive and obvious plastic surgery because, of course, while we expect a little work, no, apparently she had gone too far.

It is not an easy road to walk, to be blessed with great beauty and then continue to meet society’s expectations of how you should age. Linda is and was a model, but she’s just human and brave on top of that.


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