Larry David filmed Curb Your Enthusiasm Death Scene, just in case


Many know how Larry Davidis long-term Control your enthusiasm is shot: with cleverly sketched plot beats teased throughout a season, but the individual scenes open up to freewheeling improvisation by brilliant next-level performers. A new interview with The Hollywood Reporterhowever, shows how the production was over-prepared during the shooting of the 11th season.

Explaining how the team goes into each season thinking it could be the last (and, with some of the long gaps in the show’s 22 years, you can see why) producer Jeff Schaffer made sure they had something in the can if it really was the end. In short, they killed Larry David.

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“If we go like this, we go like this!” Schaffer told the crew before filming the scene of David’s death.

The moment — which, if we’re lucky, will one day be made into a dream sequence or something — involved David’s ironic drowning in an unfenced pool. The arc of the show’s 11th season, currently running for four Emmys, began with a thief drowning in Larry’s pool because it didn’t have a proper fence.

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The potential burglar’s brother (Marquis Ray) then blackmails David, citing his not-up-to-code pool, and demands that he cast his deeply untalented daughter (Keyla Monterroso Mejia) on his new show. While this is going on, David romances a city councilor played by Tracy Ullman, hoping to reverse the local measure. Of course, all plans go terribly wrong.

Much like the production’s plan to kill Larry David, so it seems. The HBO series was confirmed for a 12th season in April. Whether each season is the last or not seems to be at the whim of the creator, and how much of an act the Larry David is on screen compared to real life is a question historians will ponder over the coming decades. But if JB Smoove told Variety at the time: “The more the world changes, the more toys” [Larry] have to play with. He’s excited now – his energy is amazing.”

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