Launch of the Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund, to invest in companies with high ESG scores – Find out what it offers


Max Life Insurance Company announced the launch of the Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund, a pure equity ESG fund to encourage investment in companies that focus on environmental, social and governance factors.

Many people look forward to creating wealth by adhering to certain core values ​​they believe in to make the world a better place to live. ESG investing – environmental, social and governance investing – is a step towards this.

By following the ESG approach, one wants to invest their money in companies that take steps to address environmental, social and governance issues in their overall business operations.

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The Max Life Sustainable Equity Fund responds to the growing demand for responsible investing and will allow individuals to invest in companies that maintain appropriate ESG scores. Linked to the Nifty ESG 100 Index, this actively managed fund promotes ESG principles by focusing on stocks that are part of benchmark ESG indices and investing in companies with high ESG scores.

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The Max Life Sustainable Equity fund is part of the company’s growing commitment to sustainable development, in which it operates increasingly in a responsible and sustainable way, for the benefit of the environment, society and people. investors, thereby strengthening its position as an ESG-compliant organisation. With the Max Life Sustainable Equity fund, the organization will focus more on environmental and social risks, while making investment decisions.

According to market analysis, the Nifty ESG Index has outperformed the Nifty 100 Index for the past five years. Therefore, it reflects the fact that companies that have better governance, are socially responsible and have an environmental conscience have outperformed the others, making it imperative to invest in sustainable funds for long-term growth and the creation of wealth.

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Max Life’s ESG journey has already begun, supported by four identified pillars of the sustainability strategy, namely ethical and sustainable work, concern for people and community, financial responsibility and green operations.



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