Liberal Bill Maher Says Biden Admin Is ‘All In’ On The Youth Trans Movement, And He’s Right


Bill Maher is not known as a moderate Democrat, never has been and still isn’t. However, he has consistently criticized his progressive left-wing compatriots, including the president himself, regarding the ideology promoted in schools.

You’d think this would cause his fellow liberals to pause and wonder, “Bill Maher says we’re ruining kids and foisting insane theories… maybe we should reevaluate.” But of course that would require them to worry about the consequences of the nonsense they regularly spew into the minds of our most vulnerable.

Mr. Maher is so deeply involved in what is happening to children these days that last Friday he opened his season premiere episode with a discussion of schools – not the secret docudrama, not the war in Ukraine – our schools.

This proves that one of my former favorite comedic commentators still has his finger on the pulse of what ordinary Americans care about.

Owning it

It’s pretty incredible to watch a famous liberal say without hesitation what all of us parents have known for years.

Bill Maher opened his season Prime Ministerial account of his party’s debt in the state of our education system, stating:

“…anything to do with schools or education is something that the Democrats really have to answer for, because they control it.”

Oh my God, Bill, preach it again and shout it from the mountaintops! I’ve been singing the same song since I was in school, which was over twenty years ago for the curious.

Bill Maher’s guests discussed this issue, touching on various aspects from the decline of good behavior to gender ideology and the youth transition movement. Substack writer and, as Bill Maher pointed out on his show, openly gay Andrew Sullivan, railed against the liberal education system, explaining:

“They tell that people can choose to be a boy or a girl or neither or both or something completely different. That is a lie. That is not possible. And it was done to appease special interests in Washington, especially the LGBTQIA+ people who have also been imprisoned by the far left.”

Finally someone willing to say publicly what we all know, this ruse to “enable young people” to be their “authentic selves” is all just a political power play by those with real power in DC

Everything in

Bill Maher and his guests spoke about the transition of youth, with Mr Maher making headlines by stating that:

“…I think the Biden administration is all in for that.”

Bill’s other guest, Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, explained that this transition of youth is being pushed as an acceptable medical option:

“They train these medical students to say that puberty blockers are reversible.”

To which Bill Maher somewhat ironically agreed:

“…and this comes from ‘we are the scientists’.”

But is Bill right? Is Joe Biden ‘all in’ on the changing youth movement? Did he drink the rainbow Kool-Aid after his evening pudding snack?

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Of course he has; the combination of Joe Biden’s lust for power and the apparent decline of his brain makes him easily susceptible to this nonsense. So let’s take a closer look.

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He sees you, he hears you

Last year, the Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services pushed numerous memos and guidelines on how the medical community should handle transgender children. One of those papers was titled “Gender Affirmative Care and Young People,” while a section dedicated to mental health released another document titled “Gender Affirmative Care is Trauma-Informed Care.”

Within these documents, the president’s DHHS recommends everything from puberty blockers to “top surgeries” and “gluteal surgeries” for adolescents.

Additionally, the president himself released a video in support of this guidance that he “has their back” and followed up by telling parents that:

“…confirming your child’s identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe.”

Think about that for a second. The President of the United States thinks that one of the best things you can do to keep your child safe is to have them take dangerous hormones that can cause irreversible damage and end up mutilating and eventually sterilizing their bodies.

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Yes, I would say he is all in. But it gets worse.

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Don’t tell your parents

Recently, there has been some controversy over public schools confirming students’ gender identity without telling parents, let alone asking their consent. There’s a great story in, surprisingly enough, a New York Times article that highlights a mother who would have supported her child but was never able to support her child’s transition because the school withheld the information from her.

If the New York Times criticizes a leftist concept, it’s time to do some self-reflection, guys. You may think these are just crazy local public schools going off the rails.

However, they did not come up with the idea of ​​withholding relevant information from parents themselves. The Education Department of the Biden administration has released a memo called the “Fact Sheet on Transgender Students,” which says schools are recommended to keep students’ pronoun choices private.

The President’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, was questioned by Congressman Jim Banks about whether he believes parents should be kept in the dark about their child’s transition and gave the following coy answer:

“Our schools are safe places for our students, and our teachers are often the front liners when it comes to supporting our students when they face challenges in their lives.”

So, in short, the answer is yes, he thinks parents should be kept in the dark. The arrogance of saying that teachers are often the front liners in students’ life issues, as if that’s a good thing, is appalling.

As a parent I can tell you that I will never allow anyone but my husband and me to be the front line for my children. No teacher, coach, aunt, uncle, or grandparent will be as critical of my children’s lives as I and their father – which is how it should be.

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This kind of rhetoric from Secretary Cardona is a nice oratorical way of taking the parent out of the equation altogether, and it’s wrong.

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It’s not all bad

I think it’s somewhat optimistic that some prominent members of the liberal community are finally speaking out against this craziness being pushed into schools from kindergarten to college. In fact, I intend to make sure I support and watch Bill Maher as his voice needs to be raised and not cancelled.

Last year, left-wing activists called for his cancellation when he accurately said on his show:

“We are literally experimenting on children.”

Fortunately, they were unsuccessful, but they will still try to cancel him. Last week he said what some schools are teaching is “outrageous” and “someone should answer for it”.

He is not wrong, and those who have to answer for it are much more complicated than just the liberal ideologues. Where we are now with education is the result of a thousand small cuts over decades that allowed the right to relinquish the educational space to the left and allowed parents to entrust their children’s minds to a government agency.

I’m glad Bill has become aware of what has happened to our education system; I hope you all wake up too; our children and our future as a nation and, dare I say, civilization depends on it.

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