Lio Rush Reacts To AJ Francis Wanting To Form A Band With Him And Swerve Strickland In WWE: ‘It Would Have Been Cool To Be In It’


Rush reacts to being in a group with AJ Francis and Swerve Strickland while in WWE.

AJ Francis, formerly known as “Top Dolla”, has said in the past that he wants to form a group in WWE with Lio Rush and Swerve Strickland. Rush was released from WWE and Francis and Strickland went to ‘Hit Row’.

Lio was interviewed by Andrew Thompson from POST Wrestling and he gave his reaction to this idea:

No, I’ve never heard of it. I mean I heard it before, after the fact [that A.J. Francis wanted Lio & Swerve Strickland for the original concept of Hit Row]. But while I was there, it was not mentioned to me at all. But it would have been cool and it was cool because I believe we were all there at the same time too, so it was definitely a possibility that it could have happened I guess. But yeah, it just didn’t go that way, but I really think it would have been cool, it would have been — you know, they made their own waves in their own right, you know? It would have been cool to be part of that and you know, add whatever I had to add to it.

Elsewhere in the chat, Rush opened up about meeting Tenille Dashwood (in May 2022) and possibly discussing the comment on his release from WWE in 2017.

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Yeah, yeah, that was cool. It was a really cool moment [meeting up with Tenille Dashwood] and I’m glad it happened and I feel like so much has happened since then. So, you know, we both talk about it and not really laugh about the situation, but let’s think back to how crazy it was and how it changed my career, not changed his career so much [Lio laughed]. But, just seeing what came out of it and me growing as an individual and seeing how I could have said or not said or approached things differently. I love growing and changing for the better. I don’t ever want to have the same mentality that I had, you know, four or five, six years ago. So it was cool that I saw her and as soon as I did I approached her we had a chat and later that day we took a picture and I’m glad it time has come. Definitely one for the books for sure.


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