‘Liquor in small amounts may be good’: Supreme Court rejects plea for warning label on alcohol bottles


The Supreme Court rejected a recent plea for the warning labels on the bottles of spirits sold in the country, noting Friday that “some say consuming liquor in small amounts may be okay,” according to IANS reports.

Furthermore, the highest court decided to reject a plea for regulation of the production, distribution and consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs in the national capital, as well as health warning stickers on liquor bottles such as cigarette packs.

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Advocate Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay’s plea called for the government to publish health warnings on liquor bottles – similar to the criteria adopted for warning signs on cigarette packs – and the same should be advertised through electronic, print and social media.

Upadhyay claimed before a bank headed by Chief Justice UU Lalit that he would only insist on limited prayer to have warning labels on alcohol bottles as they are harmful. He further argued that a little indulgence in this matter will benefit the youth and urged warning labels on the bottles.

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Upadhyay urged the highest court to give him the freedom to move the Law Commission into the case. The bank said “No, we only allow withdrawal”. Upadhyay withdrew his petition.

While the plea was dismissed, the Supreme Court further noted that there are thoughts and counter-thoughts, and some people say that liquor in small amounts is good for health, and nowhere are similar things said about cigarettes.

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The plea had also asked the government of Delhi to conduct a ‘health impact assessment’ and ‘environmental impact assessment’ of the production, distribution and consumption of the intoxicating drinks and drugs in the spirit of Articles 21 and 47 of the Constitution.

(With IANS inputs)

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