Looking for a safari focused on conservation and luxury? Singita has it all


Singita has become synonymous with Africa’s most luxurious lodges, excellent guides and uncrowded roads. Customers interested in an experience that also emphasizes sustainable tourism will be pleased to learn that Singita operates in an environmentally responsible manner on several fronts.

The Singita team seeks to protect wilderness areas and support African wildlife in the face of ever-changing environmental changes. Key components include high-tech anti-poaching techniques; rudimentary but very effective anti-poaching dogs; a leopard research and conservation program; and the reintroduction of wildlife. Community efforts revolve around education, business development and environmental awareness. Education efforts take a hands-on approach.

For example, in South Africa, primary school is taught in Swahili, but secondary school is taught in English. Singita has created English immersion camps to help children continue their education. Singita’s cooking schools in South Africa and Tanzania turn aspiring chefs from local villages into professionals. And business development funds provide aspiring entrepreneurs, many of whom are women, with the advice and mentors they need to be successful.

Concerned about the environment, Singita has limited its carbon footprint and half of its lodges now use solar technology. Water conservation is addressed and sustainable materials are used to create some of Africa’s finest lodges.

But how good is a real Singita safari experience? I have visited many lodges in Africa and the ones in Singita are truly exceptional. The decor of each lodge is very neat and perfectly appointed with items you didn’t even know you wanted. Your spacious room will be filled with local crafts and can hold a set of watercolors, newspapers, comfy fleeces, an outdoor shower, private plunge pool, floor-to-ceiling windows, a stargazing deck, or a mini -library. While sumptuous meals, snacks, and cocktails seem to be served almost every hour, your personal fridge is stocked with your favorite drinks and savory and sweet treats. The food at Singita is truly top notch and the lodge chef is happy to accommodate special requests. The service is exemplary everywhere and the staff go out of their way to keep customers smiling.

Singita’s guides and trackers are some of the best and seem as thrilled as the guests at the animal sightings. Recently my family and I were lucky enough to be guided by Tovhi Mudau. Tovhi is one of the very few Kruger Guides who are women of color who have done an amazing job with our tracker, David Maluleke. We spent the first mornings watching the lions and their cubs play and the early evening spotting leopards and observing the constellations of the southern hemisphere.

For some unexplained reason, the wildlife of the 33,000 acre area from Singita to Kruger was the most curious and less temperamental I have ever encountered. They looked at us with joy as we looked at them with joy from just a few feet away. The Big Five are everywhere and a walking safari can also be offered.

Traveling has become much more of a conscious activity. Singita makes super safari vacations easy and makes you feel like you are part of a more responsible travel experience.



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