Man refuses to pay ‘puppy support’ after dog gets pregnant


A guy whose dog got another female dog pregnant refuses to pay vet bills or shell out money for puppy support and expenses.

Speaking to the universally used forum Reddit, an anonymous man asked if he was wrong for not wanting to contribute cash to the vet bills of his dog’s surprise litter.

His post received thousands of comments in reply and tens of thousands of upvotes, making it one of the most popular threads for user u/aitapupppy_power.

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They explained their life on the family farm and how they often used livestock guard dogs to ward off predators, but it appears one of the unneutered dogs is responsible for a new puppy.

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Owner aitapuppy_power refuses to shell out money to support his girlfriend’s friends new puppies

Explaining on the forum, the user wrote: “I have two, they are very well behaved and socialized, but I don’t allow dogs I don’t know on the farm unless I’m there all the time.”

He added that one dog is an unneutered male for “community reasons” while the other is a spayed female.

While on a work trip, the guy says his girlfriend invited a friend named Taylor to stay with her on the farm, who asked if there was room for her to bring her dog.

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After the guy said no since he wouldn’t be home to watch the dogs, his girlfriend “told him she could bring him.”

Weeks after his girlfriend's dog left the property, they had puppies, according to the original poster
Weeks after his girlfriend’s dog left the property, they had puppies, according to the original poster

The guy wrote: “She’s coming, she has her dog. In heat. I offered to pay for her dog to go to the local kennel since I would be gone, my girlfriend and Taylor said I was checking. I told them that I didn’t want to leave any room for problems.”

u/aitapuppy_power left before the issue with his girlfriend could be resolved, and just weeks after returning home, he says Taylor’s dog “had puppies”, Daily Express reported.

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The guy concluded: “She’s making fun of me to my girlfriend for not having my dog ​​spayed. I refuse to pay. She and my girlfriend can cover the expenses since they went behind my back. Am I wrong here?”

The user received hundreds of supporting comments, including one writing, “It takes a special kind of stupidity to let a dog in heat run around unsupervised, and you tried to stop that from happening.”

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