Metaverse sees first cyber attacks in the second half of 2022: new security report


In the second half of this year, initia attacks will occur in the metaverse, as the ransomware threat simultaneously flourishes in small groups, says a new report from cybersecurity firm Check Point Software.

In the second half of 2022, the ransomware ecosystem will become more fragmented. This allows attackers to “hide in plain sight” with greater effectiveness with “many small and medium groups rather than a few large ones,” according to the study.

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Cryptos will continue to be targeted by attackers trying to breach and hijack the assets. The first attacks in the metaverse will “exploit the vulnerabilities of smart contracts,” the report said.

Cyber ​​attacks around the world have increased by 42 percent. Ransomware has become the biggest threat worldwide.

The report suggests that ransomware groups now operate like regular businesses and are more structured than before. They have set targets to strike and attacks become state-level weapons.

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“We’ve seen a massive increase in cyber-attacks against organizations across all industries and countries this year. Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse, especially as ransomware is the number one threat to organizations,” said Maya Horowitz, VP of Research at Check Point Software.

Hacktivist groups will continue to tailor their attacks to the agenda of their chosen nation-state, especially as the war between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, the report said.

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