MEXC celebrates milestone of 10 million users with brand color change


MEXC, a leading crypto exchange offering spot, futures and ETF trading, among others, registered its ten millionth user in September 2022. Effective Nov. 18, the platform is making a major brand color change to increase recognition of what it symbolizes, Coin Magazine learned from a press release.

Transition to “Ocean Blue”

Following a user survey during a partial rollout in South Korea, the color will change from a forest green pallet to an ocean blue. But why this concrete change? According to Andrew Weiner, VP of MEXC, Korean users showed strong support for the rebrand. He explained:

Users are MEXC’s top priority. The response from global users to ocean blue has been overwhelmingly positive and the change is now permanent. After an evaluation, we surveyed our users in Korea to test the requested color upgrade. The change was very well received. MEXC is grateful for the customer insight that directly influences our image and attitudes.

The reasoning behind the rebranding

Forests account for less than 8% of the Earth’s surface, while blue oceans cover more than 71%. Moreover, forests are limited to land and fragile, but oceans are limitless and immense.

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Ocean blue covers all rivers flowing into the sea. This color also more accurately reflects MEXC’s brand identity.

Other major upgrades

MEXC has made additional major upgrades to its futures product features and trading system, ranging from small details to massive improvements to customer journeys, including things like adjusting leverage and “Lightning Close”. All of these upgrades have come from loyal user feedback and MEXC’s skilled team.

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The concept of “Users Come First” is at the heart of the core crypto industry values: community spirit and decentralization. MEXC has also embraced this mantra. Mr Weiner added:

The reason we achieved the highest liquidity in ETF, spot and futures in the second half of 2022 with constant efforts is that we put our users at the forefront and presented them with our professional products and services.


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