Mike Lynch set to face US fraud charges over $ 11 billion self-catering sale, judge says


OFTWARE mogul Mike Lynch is set to be extradited to the United States on charges of fraud over Autonomy’s $ 11 billion (£ 8 billion) sale to Hewlett-Packard, said a judge in London.

The US Department of Justice has sued Lynch over allegations that he falsely inflated Autonomy’s revenue prior to the sale to HP in 2011.

The company says the sales figure was inflated by “accounting irregularities, lack of disclosure and outright inaccurate statements.”

Lynch, 56, was arrested in February last year and has been on bail since.

He denies the allegations against him and has bitterly fought his extradition to a California court to answer the charges.

Lynch is also awaiting the verdict of a $ 5 billion civil lawsuit in London brought by HP.

Judge Michael Snow said he would render his decision without waiting for this civil verdict, calling it “of limited importance to the case.”

The decision must be approved by the Interior Ministry. Lynch is expected to appeal to the High Court.



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