Miss your friends, but tired of video chatting? How a group of buddies beat zoom fatigue


CHICAGO (TUSEN) – Zoom fatigue. It’s one of those phrases that might end up in the dictionary someday. It’s the drain many of us feel from a video call after a video call, but not the people you’re about to meet.

TUSEN 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory takes us on their joyful discussions.

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It is a gigantic group that dates back 40 years.

“We can’t talk about anything,” said Phyllis Cole.

“And have a great time doing it,” June Alexander said.

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Their favorite tradition: New Year’s brunch. They started over 20 years together side by side, except for 2021.

“I’m not going to say who, but someone said, ‘Maybe we can get together’, and others are like ! ”Alexander said.

Instead, they took their brunch to Zoom, which has been operating as their adult hut since last May.

“I appreciate the reviews of everything people watch,” said Mike Bright.

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Old friends have been using new technology every week for almost 12 months.

“We have known each other for 40 years. And then you learn even more about people like, “Oh, I thought I knew that about you,” said Brenda Henderson.

Henderson also schedules weekly Zoom calls with family members and meets a film group who dressed up for the Oscars last year.

“I haven’t worked all last year and I live alone. I have no family here. So the kind of group work gave me something to do, and maybe find out what day it was each week, ”she said.

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Are you exhausted from video calling? No mercy from this group.

“Are they really your friends?” Alexander said.


But do not get me wrong. Old buddies are counting the days until it’s safe to throw their screens for some laughs in person.

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“I should put on pants,” said Victor Allen.



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