MoRTH announces rules for setting up registered vehicle scrapping facility


As part of the vehicle scrapping policy, the government intends to set up 450-500 automated testing stations (ATS) and 60-70 registered vehicle scrapping facilities (RVSF ) Across the country.

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The private vehicle scrapping policy will start from 2024

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced procedures for the establishment of a registered vehicle scrapping facility (RVSF), in accordance with the rules for motor vehicles (registration and functions of the facility of scrapping of vehicles). These standards apply to all automobile collection centers, automobile dismantling, scrapping and recycling facilities, and recyclers of all types of automotive waste. The Voluntary Vehicle Fleet Modernization Program (VVMP), or automobile scrapping policy, was launched last month by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Investor Summit in Gujarat. As part of this policy, the government intends to set up 450-500 Automated Test Stations (ATS) and approximately 60-70 Registered Vehicle Scrapping (RVSF) facilities across the country.

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The ministry will develop a one-stop authorization portal for the registration and renewal of registration of these facilities within 60 days in a manner specified by the respective states. The validity of registration to an RVSF is 10 years. The facility will have access to the VAHAN database and will need to obtain the necessary cybersecurity certifications for secure access to the VAHAN. The scrapping facility will be allowed to make entries regarding the scrapping of vehicles and the issuance of a deposit certificate and a scrapping certificate.

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RVSF will have access to the NCRB database for stolen vehicles. The establishment will be required to perform a verification of the person or representative who is scrapping the vehicle, and a verification with the NCRB file and pending dues.

The rules also specify the requirement for documents from the owner or his authorized representative regarding vehicle registrations for the issuance of the ‘Certificate of Deposit (COD), which can be used to receive incentives and benefits during the buying a new car. Details of the vehicle to be scrapped must be provided in accordance with Form 2 by the owner. The establishment must keep a cut piece of the chassis number in a safe place for six months from the date of issue of the vehicle scrapping certificate and keep a copy of all documents for recording and examination during its audit. annual compulsory.


These rules apply to all automobile collection centers, automobile dismantling, scrapping and recycling facilities and recyclers of all types of automobile waste.

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The whole process will be digital and the vehicle registered in any state can be scrapped at RVSF located across India. In addition, the demolition facility must have an adequate area in the orange zone, for the movement and storage of vehicles and the installation of equipment for pollution control, risk reduction and dismantling of ELVs and must comply with all relevant environmental standards. Disposal yards must also be accredited to the latest version of the quality standards within twelve months of the start of operations.

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In the event that the installation does not have adequate provisions for the recycling of hazardous waste such as electronic waste, lead acid batteries or lithium-ion components, these materials must be sold to recyclers or authorized agencies. These standards also set out the RVSF audit process by the designated authority and upload the audit report to the portal designated by the ministry. The rules also provide for the detailed procedure for appealing against the action of the registration authority.

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