Mother settles lawsuit over Texas arrest captured on video


A Texas town has settled a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by a black mother after she and her daughter were wrestled to the ground and arrested by a white police officer following a dispute with a neighbor.

Jacqueline Craig and one of her daughters were wrestled to the ground in December 2016 and a stun gun pointed at them by William Martin, a Fort Worth agent. Another of Craig’s daughters, who filmed the incident on her cell phone, was also arrested.

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The charges against all three were later dropped. Martin served a 10-day suspension for violating department policy.

The city agreed to settle the lawsuit for $150,000, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Friday. The settlement is pending city council approval.

As part of the settlement, the city admits no other wrongdoing and there are no other requirements, a Fort Worth spokesperson said.

Craig has claimed the neighbor grabbed and choked her young son after seeing him lying around. Craig and the neighbor both called the police.

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Video of the arrests, posted on Facebook and viewed more than a million times, raised accusations of racism.

Mayor Pro Tem Gyna Bivens told the newspaper she was happy the lawsuit had been settled.

“This put a lot of weight on her. It put a lot of weight on the city, and I hope the settlement is enough for everyone to feel refreshed and ready to move on,” Bivens said.

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