National Bonds organizes a health initiative for 100 employees


National Bonds Corporation organized the “My Health is the Wealth of My Country” initiative, benefiting more than 100 male and female employees who were evaluated and examined by a medical team specializing in health, nutrition, sports and mental health.

The initiative, which was organized in cooperation with Balsam Healthcare Development Company, included a workshop for women to self-examine breast cancer and distribute vouchers for mammogram examinations. The initiative organized a number of competitions and awarded prizes to the winners, in addition to providing special offers on medical services and medical cases not covered by health insurance. .

Saif Ali Al-Shehhi, Executive Director of Human Resources and Supply Management of National Bonds Corporation, said: “This initiative comes as an affirmation of the importance of health and the need to adhere to preventive health guidelines and periodic examinations, and based on the national responsibility to preserve the physical and psychological health of employees.”

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He stressed the National Bonds’ keenness to spread awareness about the importance of taking care of periodic medical examinations, general health status, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and supporting achieving a balance between personal and work life and early treatment of many diseases revealed by examinations, especially breast cancer.

Al-Shehhi pointed out that the initiative confirms that health is not only the responsibility of health institutions, but rather it is the responsibility of all of us.

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For his part, Dr. Bassam Darwish, health media adviser to the initiative, said: “The experience of the Covid-19 pandemic confirmed that “health comes first”, knowledge is power, health is a blessing, and commitment is a patriotic duty. That is why we launched the “My Health is Wealth for My Country” campaign.

He announced that the “My Health is Wealth for My Country” initiative began allocating special daily paragraphs and tips on Dubai Radio through the “Balsam” program, with the aim of promoting health among members of society.

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Darwish pointed out that an electronic and printed health bulletin will be distributed, while working to disseminate useful and simplified health information so that this information becomes applicable in our daily lives, and health in its comprehensive concept becomes a way of life.

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