Nestlé mixes up the Christmas dinner with vegan foie gras


Vegan menu for Christmas? Nestlé and Planted want us to enjoy roast peas and foie gras made from miso paste

The French-speaking Swiss food company is launching a vegan foie gras for the festive season. This delicacy is particularly popular in western Switzerland. The Planted company has also set its sights on the Christmas menu.

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The Planted roast (left) and the vegan foie gras (right, front) are intended to offer vegans an alternative at Christmas.

Image: zvg

Traditionally, meat-heavy dishes dominate at Christmas dinner: filet in batter, fondue chinoise or – especially in western Switzerland – foie gras, i.e. foie gras from geese or ducks. So far, animal-friendly alternatives to these classics have been few and far between. That is now changing: The manufacturers of vegan substitute products are targeting the Christmas menu this year.


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