NFL donates $ 1 million for research into alternatives to opioids, including cannabis


The NFL has announced plans to fund research into alternative opioid pain relievers, including potential studies to find out whether cannabis can effectively treat pain without having a negative effect on elite athletes.

The league is offering $ 1 million in grants for up to five research proposals, Jeff Miller, executive vice president for player health and safety, said during a media call on Tuesday.

“It’s not an NFL or sports issue; it’s a social issue, ”NFL Chief Medical Officer Allen Sills said on the call, saying there need to be more opioid alternatives to manage pain. The NFL is particularly interested in research proposals covering cannabis and CBD, as players have expressed interest in using them to manage pain.

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“Unfortunately, the level of interest exceeds the level of evidence in medical cannabis for pain,” said Kevin Hill, co-chair of the league-players joint pain management committee. Hill, who is also director of addiction psychiatry at Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, said there are flaws in existing studies, and the NFL wants to know that these treatments are both safe enough and effective to be considered as potential treatments for elite athletes.

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The National Football League has been criticized in the past after a number of former players said they had become addicted to pain relievers as a result of injuries sustained during their careers.

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