Nicolas Vasquez dies after dog attack in Texas


A Texas man who lost both his legs after being mauled by a trio of rampaging dogs earlier this month has died, authorities say.

Nicolas Vasquez, who lived in the Huffman suburb of Houston, died after 10 days in hospital from organ failure while awaiting a liver transplant, according to a GoFundMe. He had been on life support since the attack.

Family and community members are now pushing the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to arrest the owners of the dogs. A spokesperson for the sheriff told the Houston Chronicle that charges are pending and that the investigation is “nearly complete”. The sheriff did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Beast.

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Vasquez, 51, was attacked while returning home on the evening of June 9, witnesses told TUSEN 13. Neighbor Calvin Stoy said he heard dogs barking, followed by whining. When he went to investigate, Vasquez was lying in a ditch with three “pit bull mixes” attacking him until Stoy intervened.


“Both legs were torn, hands and arms,” Stoy said. “He had bites on the head. He was in really bad shape. He lost a lot of blood.

First responders took Vasquez to the hospital and the dogs were seized by animal control. On Tuesday, the dogs were at a veterinary public health facility being held as evidence, a Harris County public health worker said.

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Community members lashed out at the owners – who have not been named by authorities or neighbors – in Facebook groups.

Nicki Edwardson, who lived next door to Vasquez, said the dogs involved had been a problem for at least three years, attacking people in the neighborhood and often roaming the streets. She said they even attacked Vasquez months before the fatal mutilation, sending him to the hospital for surgery.

Edwardson described Vasquez, who went by Mickey, as a quiet, hard-working mechanic who never married or had children. She said Vasquez’s mother in El Salvador was doing everything she could to bring her son home.

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“Friends pray for Mickey’s family,” Sherie Morris-Anderson said in a Facebook post. “If you’ve lived in Havard or ever stopped at MS Express, you’ve probably met this nice little guy. He was nice and didn’t bother anyone. This horrible, horrible thing shouldn’t have happened. Please keep your pets awake, don’t let them run the neighborhood.

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