‘Overwatch 2’ will drop Brigitte’s stun ability


Monitoring 2 has a massive and fundamental PvP change that will have a huge ripple effect on the Monitoring ecosystem: abandonment of one tank per team and switch to 5 against 5. Each hero will have to be rebalanced to take this into account, some even obtaining new abilities. The Monitoring The team shed some more light on these changes, including what they mean for tanks and supports.

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On the one hand, Brigitte’s stun (Shield Bash) is removed, Monitoring Community manager Andy Belford wrote on the Blizzard forums, as he shared some information from the hero design and balancing team. More details on Brig’s rebalancing will be shared in the coming months.

Zenyatta’s Discord Orb might be a little less effective in Monitoring 2, as is. “On paper, Discord is theoretically weaker with 1 less person per team benefiting from the debuff,” Belford wrote. “So far in our gaming tests, Mercy’s Damage Boost hasn’t shown any major issues. That said, there is still a possibility that we will end up reducing Discord and Damage Boost, if we find that they are causing problems during the game. additional testing.

Belford noted that there were no plans to remove the self-healing abilities of Support Heroes, although the likes of “Regenerative Burst and Biotic Grenade remain a powerful part of their respective heroes’ identities, and will be adjusted to account for the passive self-healing abilities also available. ” Keep in mind that Blizzard plans to add role-based passive abilities for all heroes, including self-healing for those on the support roster.

Additionally, Blizzard is testing an optimized healing output across the board. Team 4 found that tanks generally deal more damage than they mitigate, so having one less tank per team meant there was an overall drop in damage across the team. Monitoring 2 testing. As such, “the supports were actually too effective to keep the whole team alive,” Belford wrote. versus.”

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Elsewhere, the developers are still considering whether to remove the hero soon to be known as the Flashbang from McCree as part of a larger reduction in crowd control capabilities. We’ve already learned, for example, that Mei’s primary fire will slow down rather than freeze opponents.

Last week, Belford hinted at some of the upcoming tank changes and what that might mean when Monitoring 2 come. While tanks are still “disruptive line breakers and advanced protectors,” every player will need to be more careful with positioning due to the 5-to-5 offset, Belford suggested. “Flanking is potentially becoming more effective as a strategy, and because teams don’t rely on holding ‘heights’ due to the defensive capabilities of multiple tanks, cards are being used to their fullest (which has resulted in to fun game tests). “

Overall, the tanks will be a bit more durable (especially those with a mobility focus, such as Wrecking Ball, D.Va, and Winston). While still the primary protectors, tanks will still be able to deal damage without worrying about defending teammates 100% of the time. “In our own tests, we observed an interesting dynamic where tanks are generally not the first to die,” Belford wrote. “Support is better able to maintain their front line, creating a scenario where healing is more focused as it is not divided while trying to keep multiple tanks alive.”

The days of double barrier compositions are numbered, but there will always be shields in the cards. Expect some changes in the availability of barriers. “This comes in the form of a decrease in their health, an increase in their cooldown or a reduction in their duration,” Belford said. “We want the barriers to have an impact, although less oppressive, throughout the game.”

A couple of specific things we know that are in the works for tanks are that Reinhardt has two uses of Fire Strike and more direction control with Charge. Winston is also on the verge of securing ranged secondary fire with the Tesla Cannon.

Doomfist, Wrecking Ball, and Tracer are other heroes waiting to be rebalanced, “to make sure they’re not super powerful in the new meta,” Belford said.



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