Paravel makes sustainable luxury luggage, but how environmentally friendly is it?


As sustainability becomes a buzzword that consumers really look for when making purchases, the threat of greenwashing (advertising or marketing that falsely presents an organization as greener than it actually is) grows. In Newsweek’s Looking for products and companies that actually do meaningful work in the field of sustainability, such as sustainable denim and eco-friendly sneakers, we put the luxury brand Paravel for travel accessories in the spotlight: where does Paravel really score in terms of sustainability?

According to’s sustainability page, “At Paravel, we create top-quality travel items that are as easy on the eye as they are on Earth, but that’s only part of the story. Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make and carry us through. contribute to the fight against climate change by focusing on three key issues: reducing and offsetting carbon emissions, using upcycled and eco-certified materials in every product detail, and planting trees in depleted ecosystems.”

Keep reading to learn more about Paravel’s sustainability efforts and how it ranks. As always, prices quoted may fluctuate over time.

What is Paravel?

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The luggage tag is made from recycled vegan leather, of which 60 percent from recycled textiles.

Indré Rockefeller and Andy Krantz founded Paravel in 2016 with the hope of creating “travel items with timeless aesthetics, exceptional functionality and progressive durability,” according to the Paravel website.

It is a luxury travel accessories brand that makes luggage and other accessories. Headquartered in New York, Paravel’s production takes place in Florence, Italy, according to TUSEN.

Paravel makes suitcases, travel organizers, makeup bags, passport covers, luggage tags, handbags, backpacks, packing cubes, duffel bags and more.

What are some of Paravel’s most popular products?

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Paravel’s Negative Nylon Packing Cubes are derived from 16 upcycled plastic water bottles.

One of Paravel’s signature products is the brand’s 100 percent carbon neutral luggage. There are three size options: the Aviator Carry-On, Aviator Carry-On Plus and Aviator Grand, the plaid size.

The Aviator Grand, Paravel’s first checked luggage to date, features a recycled polycarbonate exterior, a liner made from 21 recycled plastic water bottles, recycled zippers, recycled aluminum handle, vegan leather details and steel handles.

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In travel accessories, Paravel makes Negative Nylon Packing Cubes and Compression Cubes – both of which consist of OEKO-TEX and Global Recycle Standard certified water-resistant negative nylon. The four-pack of Packing Cubes is made from 16 upcycled plastic water bottles, while the Compression Cubes are made from 10.

Not to lie, we also have to applaud Paravel’s Cabana Pet Carrier. After all, it’s hard to find a dog carrier that’s both cute and good for the planet, so we’re thrilled to see it made from Ecocraft Canvas, derived from 38 upcycled plastic water bottles.

Most items from Paravel can also be monogrammed through embroidery.

What materials does Paravel use?

According to Paravel’s sustainability page, the materials used to make its products include Negative Nylon – a trademarked material made from 100 percent plastic post-consumer water bottles that meet both the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and the Global Recycle Standard. Also included is EcoCraft Canvas, a natural cotton fiber combined with thread from recycled plastic bottles that also meets the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and the Global Recycle Standard. Additional materials include recycled polycarbonate, jute, recycled vegan leather and circular cotton.

Does Paravel offer vegan options?

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Paravel only uses recycled vegan leather in its products.

As far as News week can see, every Paravel product seems to be vegan. After all, Paravel uses recycled vegan leather for all its “leather” details. But knowing where that leather comes from and How much of the textile bills for genuine recycled material is essential.

Paravel developed its recycled vegan leather itself, combining two layers of polyurethane with one layer of recycled polyester. According to Paravel, the result is a textile made from 60 percent recycled material.

We should note, however, that Paravel has an animal welfare rule on its website, which states: “Suppliers must comply with the principles, practices and regulations that require animals in the Paravel supply chain to be treated ethically and humanely.”

Does Paravel pay employees a living wage?

Paravel has dedicated a section of its website to a ‘Code of Social Responsibility’. There, Paravel lists its social responsibility criteria, citing that the company never partners with suppliers who use child or forced labor.

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Then, under “Fair Wages,” Paravel adds, “Fair wages are essential to meet the basic needs of their employees. Suppliers will, at a minimum, comply with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations, including those relating to provide minimum wages, overtime, maximum daily and weekly hours, piece rates and other compensation elements, and benefits required by law. Employees are entitled to at least 24 consecutive hours off in any seven-day period, except in exceptional business circumstances.”

Read more about Paravel’s Code of Social Responsibility.

How sustainable is Paravel?

In ranking Paravel’s sustainability, we looked at the ethics of its business practices, certifications and overall efforts to pioneer a more sustainable future.

According to Paravel’s website, “Our eco-friendly luggage, bags and organizers are designed to help you make better choices for your adventures without compromising on design, price or quality. We’ve sold more than 4.7 million plastics to date. upcycled water bottles, including 12,247 tons of CO2 through our carbon neutral shipping program and over 170,000 trees planted through Eden Reforestation Projects.”

About how sustainable Paravel is, News week must give credit where credit is due. Paravel scores big points for the amount of recycled materials it uses. (Though we’d love to see the recycled vegan leather get closer to 100 percent instead of just 60 percent.) Paravel is definitely doing something right in that regard!

Regarding how sustainable Paravel’s production process is, we would appreciate more transparency. However, we would like to see Paravel pay climate offsets, offer carbon neutral shipping, work with reforestation projects and even offer carbon neutral products.

How much does Paravel cost?

One of the main criticisms of sustainable products is, of course, that they are more expensive. Eco-friendly items generally use more durable, better quality materials, and because they are often considered luxury, they are usually priced as such.

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The Aviator Carry-On retails for $350 in all available colorways; Aviator Carry-On Plus costs $375 and the Aviator Grand costs $425.

However, bundling two or three Paravel products will usually give you the best bang for your buck. For example, the Aviator Set, which includes the Carry-On and the Grand, currently costs $700. Likewise, the Aviator Packing Cube Set comes with the Carry-On, Aviator Grand, and a Packing Cube Set and costs $765.

However, it cannot be denied that this luxury item is relatively expensive.

Is Paravel worth the money?

It’s hard to say. Paravel makes products that are both sustainable and considered luxury, so it’s no wonder you pay a premium for these items. But as with most eco-friendly products, keep in mind that they will probably last longer because they are so well made. So, is Paravel worth the money?

While Paravel is undeniably more expensive than cases of similar size and aesthetics – the Away, Beis, Monos – it could become a better longer-term investment if it stands the test of time and proves to be more durable than its counterparts. (After all, the Away bag wears out almost as soon as you use it, and it was really hype about style, not function.)

It also depends what you buy from Paravel when you consider how much use you will get from it. Luggage prices aside, some of their other products are incredibly functional, and you’ll get a lot of use out of them (they’re also a bit more affordable). So, if you spend money on an overnight bag or duffel bag and use it all the time, it’s a no-brainer!

Is Paravel sold in stores?

Paravel is for sale on However, you can also find the luxury travel accessories brand in the stores of your local Bloomingdales.

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