Pensions: A single case that allows combining a retirement pension with a salary


The Director of Pensions Operations Department at the General Pension and Social Security Authority, Muhammad Saqr Al-Hammadi, confirmed that the Pensions Law did not place restrictions on the return of the pensioner (retired) to work again, but rather encouraged him to do so by providing him with the opportunity to join work under the insurance umbrella again if His age did not exceed 60, in addition to giving him the opportunity to add the period of service for which he was entitled to a pension to the period of his new service without cost if his salary from the new job is less than his pension.

Al-Hammadi said, in a media statement: “Article 35 of the Pensions Law does not permit the combination of a salary or two pensions from the Authority, but Article 36 of the same law, specifically in Clause 3, excluded from the prohibition of combining a salary and a retirement pension a citizen who served or worked. In a government sector for a period of 25 years or more, in this case the citizen may combine the pension and the salary without conditions or limits.

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He added, “According to the Pension Law as well, working in the private sector does not provide this benefit even if a citizen has worked in it for 25 years,” explaining that the widow is also entitled to combine her pension or salary with her share of her deceased husband’s pension, as well as the person entitled to a pension from another fund. If he joins a job with an entity subject to the provisions of the Pensions Law and is entitled to a pension for this period, he may combine the two pensions.

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According to the authority, in the event that the retiree returns to work without meeting the conditions for combining the pension and salary, the payment of his pension will be suspended if the salary from the new work is equal to or greater than the value of the pension, but if the salary is less than the amount of the pension, then he will be paid from the pension within the limits of the difference between them. .

On the other hand, the Authority announced the dates for disbursing pensions during the current year, explaining that they will be disbursed on the 27th day of every month, with the exception of the next May and June, when the disbursement will take place on the 26th, while the August pensions will be disbursed on the 25th of the month.

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The authority stated that Friday, January 27, is the date for disbursing the first pensions for this year, with a total value estimated at 680 million and 936 thousand and 212 dirhams, an increase of 72 million and 823 thousand and 712 dirhams over January of last year, when the value of pensions amounted to 608 million and 112 thousand and 500 dirhams. 45,951 beneficiaries benefit from the periodic disbursement of pensions during the current January, an increase of 3,607 beneficiaries from the same month of last year, when the number of beneficiaries reached 42,344.

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