Photographer Artem Shestakov Favorite restaurants in Aspen


Photographer Artem Shestakov knows how to capture the perfect moment. Best known for his images of nature and landscapes, he has spent years photographing nature and animals around the world. He has a keen eye for beautiful things and unique moments and the talent to capture them through his lens.

Shestakov runs his own business as an art photographer and is often on the move for work. From city skylines and serene beaches to rugged mountain landscapes and epic sand dunes, he takes pride in being able to capture the awe his subjects inspire.

On his latest adventure, he spent a month exploring different parts of Alaska, starting his trip with sport fishing topics at some of the state’s top resorts such as Waterfall Resort Alaska and Steamboat Bay Fishing Club.

Most recently, Shestakov attended a polo championship after being invited by one of the world’s greatest players, Pablo Mac Donough. The championship was hosted by famous player Melissa Ganzi and her Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida.

The photographer quickly fell in love with the sport and shot a documentary about the Polo Museum with Ecuadorian director Kristofh Pozo. After that, he left for another professional adventure, attending polo matches in Aspen, Colorado hosted by Aspen Valley Polo Club.

During filming, Shestakov partnered with Ganzi, who is the president and main fundraiser of the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame, to help guide the project.

While in Aspen, he spent time at many local restaurants that impressed him and his customers. As an entrepreneur and sole proprietor, he is committed to supporting private and operated establishments.

One particular place he likes to visit between shoots is Casa Tua, which is an Italian restaurant owned by Miky Grendene and his wife Leticia. The Dolomite and Alpine style makes this rustic Italian restaurant a unique place. With a collection of rotating art and photographic installations specially curated by Casa Tua’s in-house gallery team, this is a restaurant that both inspires and satisfies Shestakov. Seasonal cuisine and a menu focused on the fresh and the local draw locals and visitors alike.

Another great place he frequents with his customers in Aspen is the French-American restaurant Cache Cache. Their extensive wine list spans over 100 pages, with over 6,000 bottles in inventory. It offers guests a seasonal menu that includes entrees including Colorado Filet Mignon; Rack of lamb from Colorado; Scottish salmon; and the crispy Milanese trout. This is an upscale dining establishment that provides an elegant environment in which to indulge and do business.

Finally, when he’s finished producing shoots at the Aspen Valley Polo Club, he celebrates at the Caribou Club. As the first club for Aspen members only, it offers fine dining, an extensive wine list, as well as a bar and nightclub.

Executive Chef Miles Angelo takes pride in preparing his food from scratch as much as possible. From artisan bread to pasta through skilfully cut meats and fish, the menu is thoughtful and well organized. From Rocky Mountain Trout to Iron Seared NY Strip, there’s something for everyone.



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