PHOTOS: 10 times a doorbell camera saved the day or kept us awake at night


Ring doorbell cameraChip Somodevilla/Getty Images

  • Doorbell cameras are becoming an increasingly popular form of surveillance.

  • The cameras have either helped stop criminals in the act or captured terrifying scenes on video.

  • Camera owners have been sharing their incredible footage on social media.

HORROR: Two hooded individuals try to gain entry to a stranger’s home while allegedly holding a gun.

2 hooded men standing outside a door

The California couple told local news that they were terrified, but when they hid their child in a closet, the two men simply turned and walked away.this life85/TikTok

HORROR: A random visitor caught standing at the door of a family in Arizona at 3 a.m. after approaching the mother of the house in a park three days earlier.

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Ring doorbell footage of a man standing outside a door

The user who posted the video explained the strange incident, but also added that the man had approached her in the park several days earlier. In the end, she decided not to call the police, according to a follow-up video.katelyndcurtis/TikTok

HORROR: A stranger looking into the camera begging to be let in at 5am

Blurred face of man looking into ring camera

While a stranger yelling at your doorbell camera is pretty scary, commenters pointed out that the man’s slurred speech and mannerisms could indicate an episode of mental health.Samantha Rose/TikTok

HORROR: An LA woman walks into her home to find her stalker waiting for her inside.

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ring doorbell footage of woman entering her home

While it’s unclear if the off-camera suspect was ever apprehended, the woman who posted the video was able to safely exit the apartment before she was injured.crys_journey/TikTok

HORROR: A child reports hearing voices from the camera set up in his room. Parents think that the device was hacked by hackers.

Screengrabs of images from the Ring camera

This series started with a boy telling his parents that the Ring camera in his room would speak to him. Not long after his claim, the parents caught the reported hacker talking to their son and removed the camera.Fran Chelle/TikTok

In September, a Ring Yahoo representative issued the following statement:

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“We take customer privacy and security extremely seriously. We worked directly with this customer to investigate this matter in February and found no evidence of unauthorized access or suspicious activity related to her Ring account or devices.”

HERO: An Arkansas woman says her husband was able to protect their escaped dog by talking to him through his Ring doorbell.

Ring doorbell footage of a dog sitting on a porch

The dog had somehow ended up outside when no one was home. Thanks to a motion alert on their doorbell, the man was able to calm the dog down until someone came home to let him back in.therealchristinamunoz/TikTok

HERO: Halloween candy thief is caught thanks to footage from several doorbell cameras.

woman and child stealing halloween candy

A Los Angeles woman and a young boy dressed as Spider-Man went from house to house clearing bowls of candy set up for trick-or-treaters.losangelesring/TikTok

HERO: Ring doorbell detects fire in a neighbor’s home and alerts the camera owner when flames approach their home.

Ring doorbell footage of a fire

After the owner received Ring’s warnings, the footage shows him trying to put out the fire and calling to his neighbors.tomspank5/TikTok

HERO: The Ring doorbell’s voice function scares away a would-be thief.

Blurred face of the man standing in front of the ring camera

The unknown man tried to steal the Ring doorbell himself, but an automated voice alerted him that the owners were home and watching him. He quickly fled without ringing the doorbell.DarkCrimeTV/TikTok

HERO: A Good Samaritan returns a lost wallet to its owner.

Man with blurred face holding up a wallet in front of the doorbell camera

The unnamed man drove all the way to the address he found on the ID in the lost wallet, but his act of kindness came at a price. In the video, he informs the owner that he is withholding $20 for gas money.thefirst_eros/TikTok

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