Photos of the governor’s palace in Mandera spark an uproar


The official residence of the governor of Mandera caused a stir on social media for much of Thursday, October 14, after images were posted online.

Part of TUSEN wondered why the county government had incurred huge costs for the construction of the two-story castle-like house for the governor while some of the residents wallowed in abject poverty.

Netizens argued that residents were struggling to get decent meals and water, adding that the county had misplaced priorities.

An undated photo of the official residence of the governor of Mandera County.

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“People are starving! Let’s not worship leaders and let’s not forget the citizens they should serve, ”said Francis Kungu.

“I wonder how many wells they would have drilled instead to tackle the drought problem,” asked another social media user.

With its breathtaking exterior, the house, set on a vast dry land and featuring an expansive perimeter wall, stands out like a rose in the desert, spotting its gray color and large American-style windows.

Since Governor Ali Roba took office in 2013, he has been committed to developing the county with new iconic architectural masterpieces.

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Some of the masterpieces include the County Assembly, designed in the shape of a cow’s head, a five-star hotel, the governor’s residence and a stadium.

“Our mission is to improve life. We will facilitate access to hospitals and international markets. Good infrastructure will spur growth in all other sectors, ”he explained in a previous interview.

On Tuesday, October 13, the Revenue Allocation Commission (CRA) congratulated Mandera County for its implementation of decentralized programs.

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The commission was on a three-day visit to the country to learn about the impact of decentralization since its creation in 2013.

“I mean it’s a county that really demonstrates the true meaning of decentralization. We have been able to see the development of infrastructure not only at the county level but at the sub-county level, the lives of ordinary people are really affected and changed, ”said commission chairwoman Jane Kiringai.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba speaking on February 14, 2020.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba speaking on February 14, 2020.

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