Police seize fake Koskenkorva ghosts in Central Finland


Authorities suspect the fake drink was sold on the black market across the country.

Police seized hundreds of fake bottles after they were found in a vehicle during a traffic check. Image: Poliisi

Police in central Finland have seized hundreds of half-litre bottles of counterfeit Koskenkorva distillates and have launched an investigation into the matter.

Koskenkorva, a clear drink with 38% alcohol by volume, is one of the most famous domestic grain drinks in Finland.

A police unit discovered a large batch of Koskenkorva lookalikes in a vehicle during a traffic check in central Finland. Officers confiscated the bottles, which turned out to be counterfeit.

Police said lab tests found impurities in the fake drink, but it remained unclear whether it could be dangerous if ingested.

Genuine Koskenkorva bottles. Counterfeit bottles can be recognized by silver-grey caps and no deposit markings on the labels. Real bottles have beige caps and deposit markings. Image: Anora Group

Officials are investigating the case as an aggravated alcohol crime.

Police said the counterfeit spirits were not sold in Alko state liquor stores, but the product likely changed hands on the black market.

Authorities suspect that the counterfeits were spread all over Finland.

The Central Finland Police has asked members of the public with information about the case to email vihjeet.keski-suomi [at] poliisi.fi — with the word “Koskenkorva” in the subject line.


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