PolySwam (NCT) price rose 370% in three days after listing on major exchanges


PolySwarm (NCT), a threat detection and anti-malware project, has risen in the past three days after being listed on several major crypto exchanges, including Coinbase.

Polyswarm is currently trading at $0.12 and is up 372% from its price a week ago.

PolySwarm deals with cybersecurity software and uses its native NCT token to reward users who participate in the cybersecurity data and information gathering exercise.

Why is the price of PolySwarm increasing?

On January 13, PolySwarm (NCT) alongside Propy (PRO), Inverse Finance (INV), and Liquidity (LQTY) were listed on Coinbase’s comprehensive retail platform.

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According to the Coinbase Twitter account, the four altcoins (PRO, INV, and LQTY) will be available in the Coinbase Android, Coinbase iOS, and Coinbase.com apps for customers to login, buy, send, receive, trade, or store. LQTY, INV, PRO, and NCT in most Coinbase supported regions.

Besides NCT, the prices of the four altcoins listed on Coinbase also rose. Ethereum-based token Inverse Finance (INV), which offers a suite of banking tools for decentralized finance, has also been up for seven days, up almost 20%.

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Propy’s native token (PRO) has grown over 147% during this time. Its platform automates real estate transactions to avoid the possibility of fraud by saving time.

Asset Native Liquidity (LQTY), a decentralized borrowing platform, also soared nearly 33% in the past week.

Polyswarm was also listed on HuobiGlobal, Coinexcom and MEXC-Global on the same day it was listed on Coinbase.

The listing on all four crypto exchanges was the main catalyst for the recent NCT price surge.

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