Primary 1 registration: Almost half of all primary schools in Singapore oversubscribed in Phase 2C


Due to changes to Primary 1 registration this year, each primary school is required to reserve 40 places for Phase 2C, up from 20 places previously.

Princess Elizabeth Primary School received 278 applications for 55 vacancies, while Nan Hua had 191 applicants for 40 positions.

Northland Primary School received 199 applications for 42 vacancies, while South View Primary School had 177 applicants for the mandatory 40 places.


Of the 88 oversubscribed schools, 83 will vote.

Anderson Primary, St Joseph’s Institution, Fengshan Primary, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, Qifa Primary and Sembawang Primary schools will vote for Singaporean children who live between 1 km and 2 km from the school.

Tanjong Katong, White Sands, St Margaret’s and CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity primary schools will vote for Singaporean children living outside 2 km from the school.

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For applicants from Punggol View, Naval Base, Lakeside and Innova primary schools, a vote will be held for children who reside permanently within a radius of 1 km from the school.

Geylang Methodist School will vote for children who live permanently and who live outside 2 km from the school.

With the exception of those 15 schools, the other oversubscribed schools will only vote for Singaporean children who live within 1 km of the school.

Two schools that are not oversubscribed will also vote. Opera Estate Primary School and Bukit Timah Primary School both have a limit on the number of permanent children they can take in.

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This means that all Singaporean children are admitted to these two schools. A vote is taken for children who reside permanently and who live outside 2 km from the school.

A total of 85 primary schools will vote in this phase.

The results in this phase will be released on August 10.


Five of the oversubscribed schools will not vote.

St Anthony’s Primary School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ and Alexandra Primary School only accommodate Singaporean children who live within 1 km of the school

Jurong West Primary School has space for Singaporean children only, while Ngee Ann Primary School has space for all Singaporean children and permanent resident children who live within 2 km of the school.

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In addition to doubling the number of reserved seats in Phase 2C in each primary school, there is also another change in the registration round this year, such as the merging of Phase 2A(1) and Phase 2A(2).

Due to the increase in the number of reserved places in 2C, phase 2A and 2B were more competitive this year.

One third of the remaining vacancies at the end of Phase 2A were allocated to Phase 2B and two thirds were allocated to Phase 2C.

The changes to Primary 1’s registration framework are intended to help more children find a place in a school near their home in Phase 2C, MOE said on its website.



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