Putin praises Russian air defenses and says no one else in the world produces so many missiles


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has said that the production of anti-aircraft missiles in the Russian Federation is comparable to production volumes around the world.

Source: pro-Kremlin publishes RIA Novosti

Quote: “Practical combat work shows that Russian air defense is one of the best in the world…

I have already mentioned that the US produces missiles for the Patriot system; and in our country such missiles are produced three times more [than that]even more than three times.

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As for anti-aircraft missiles in general, Russian production can be compared to the production of the entire world for various purposes.

Among other things, the systems themselves are modern and reliable. But of course a lot happens, but overall the system works well.”


  • On January 20, Russian media and social media began publishing photos and videos of what appear to be Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft defense missile systems installed on the roofs of several buildings in Moscow, particularly on top of the Ministry of Defense. It is not yet known whether the Russians actually installed these weapons on roofs.

  • On the same day, it was reported that the air defense system was installed 10 kilometers from the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

  • Russians have already started installing air defense systems in Novgorod Oblast, Russia. The air defense systems that are supposed to protect Russian President Vladimir Putin and his immediate surroundings have been spotted near his residence in the village of Yashcherovo in Valday district.

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