“Rather than using threats and sticks …”: Mehbooba Mufti at BJP


“You (BJP) have to win people’s hearts,” Mehbooba Mufti said (FILE)


The President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Mehbooba Mufti, defended her party’s alliance with the BJP on Wednesday after the last parliamentary elections, saying she did not allow the BJP to delete Article 370 of the Constitution until the moment when the parties formed a coalition. .

She also suggested that the ruling party should try to win hearts rather than using “threats and sticks” to silence the people.

The former chief minister alleged that the BJP is depriving the public of even the small rights left to it after the repeal of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the old state into Union Territories in August 2019.

“People are troubled everywhere, whether in Jammu or Kashmir … all business is run by stick power,” Mehbooba told reporters in Haveli, Poonch border district, Kashmir region. Jammu.

She organized a series of meetings with party workers in Dak Banglow and Haveli on the second day of her Poonch tour. Several personalities, including a group of lawyers, were present.

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“All the good work of the government led by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed is being undone. projects, ”she said.

“You (BJP) have to win people’s hearts and cannot threaten them with silence and standing in line,” she said, adding that everything they did in August 2019 was wrong and that they did it for the sole purpose of winning the election. in the countryside.

Asked about her position on the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections, she said: “The elections are not my goal, but the polls are a democratic weapon to fight for the rights of the people and solve their problems. We will make our decision when they do. announce polls (in J&K). “

She said the PDP stood like a wall in front of the BJP and tied their hands after forming an alliance with the party to save Article 370 from harm.

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“Until I had an alliance with the BJP, I did not allow them to remove Article 370. We stood before them like a wall,” Ms. Mehbooba said, referring to the PDP government. -BJP in 2015 and 2018 which ended with the saffron party leaving the alliance.

She said her party had forged the alliance with the BJP for the benefit of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and to protect Article 370.

“We signed the alliance’s agenda and tied their hands so that there was no harm in section 370 but after the fall of the government they repealed the special status guaranteed to J&K by the Constitution, ”Ms. Mehbooba said.

The former chief minister said the BJP claimed that the situation had become normal after the repeal of Section 370 and that they were taking various delegations to different places to prove their claim, but the reality is that the situation is far from normal.

“When Mehbooba wants to go somewhere, she is told that the situation is not favorable. The Covid protocols are up to us to follow,” she said.

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Declaring that unemployment at 18.5% in Jammu and Kashmir is the highest in the country, Mehbooba said the BJP claimed Section 370 was a barrier to creating jobs for local youth and that the party had promised them 50,000 jobs. “Where have these jobs gone,” she asked.

Ms Mehbooba said the BJP claimed to have put an end to corruption in Jammu and Kashmir, but “I hear from the public that the type of corruption that prevails today has never existed at J&K”.

“Take any department, the files are not moving. Previously it (corruption) was 10 or 20 percent but now it’s gone to 40 to 50 percent, which makes people’s lives difficult,” she declared.

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