Removed Dust 2 from ‘CS:GO’ map pool, replaced by Anubis


Dust 2, the most iconic map in Counterattackand perhaps FPS, the history has been removed from the active map pool in CS:GO and replaced by Anubis.

While both Dust 2 and Anubis will still be playable in casual, deathmatch, and competitive modes, removal from the active card pool means that Dust 2 will no longer be played at a pro level, and anyone looking for games in the active card pool will find Dust 2 is no longer available as an option.

The change comes shortly after the conclusion of the IEM Rio Major, which was won by Outsiders. This change to the active maps affects the ones played at the upcoming BLAST Paris Major, meaning it’s very likely that Dust 2 won’t be played at the next major, while Anubis will. But given that the Major is only a few months away and this is the first time Anubis has been added to the pro map pool, there’s a very good chance that not many teams will be playing the map, opting instead to make it in ban most games. .

While Dust 2 may be one of the most iconic maps in FPS history, it’s had a tumultuous few years. CS:GO at the highest level. While it will still be the map of choice for many casual players, it’s kind of stalled in the way it’s played at the highest level, and even the redesign a few years ago hasn’t really changed that.

There’s no word on whether Dust 2 will be reworked, but recent rumors have suggested that both Dust 2 and Mirage will both be remade when the rumored move to Source 2 takes place. Although players have been waiting for that change for years, it could never happen!

Elsewhere in the small but impressive patch, Valve reduced the number of rounds in the AWP sniper rifle to just five, which is sure to have a big impact on how the weapon is used in certain situations. There’s also been some nerfing about the damage the M4A1-S does from a distance, after it became the CT weapon of choice in recent months.

When it comes to the pro scene, the massive BLAST Premier Fall Finals will take place over the next week, but it’s not yet known if they’ll add Anubis to the card pool for the tournament or if they’ll stick with Dust 2.



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