Renovation agent: how drivers save money while renovating their car


When your car is left in the sun for long hours, the plastic parts tend to lose their color and original appearance over time.

Car manufacturers therefore recommend the use of retreaders as a quick fix for the dullness. A majority of Keyan motorists import these auto refinishing agents which are used to damage the paintwork and interior of the car.

The products are oil-free, harmless and beautify your car.

Retreaders have a strong anti-static effect to protect the paint surface of the car’s plastic.

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Traffic jams on Uhuru Highway in Nairobi in March 2020.

They are specially formulated to keep faded plastic looking like new and prevent surface aging with minimal effort.

Motorists say that it does not leave any unpleasant marks on your vehicle after application.

Some of the features of this product are an ultimate solution for plastics and trim that effectively removes stains from the surface.

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The agents are also streak-free unlike other coating products. Your vehicle reportedly leaves no streaks for a high degree of clarity to ensure safe driving.

Manufacturers say they offer advanced protection to prevent plastics from oxidizing and fading when exposed to sunlight.

It is also very economical and drivers save themselves from frequent visits to car dealers to have the plastic repaired, refurbished or replaced.

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Research shows that the retreading agent for plastic parts is made of environmentally friendly materials. A significant number of them are harmless and odorless.

How to apply:

Easily wipe off dirt without damaging the leather’s plastic items.

Put fur liquid on the sponge

Spread the liquid on the car

Use a towel to wipe and polish

Wait almost three hours and then get results.

Cars at a yard awaiting auction.

Cars at a yard awaiting auction.



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