Republicans Thrown for a Loop as Poll Shows Biden Classified Docs “Scandal” a Flop


Republicans have tried to use the classified documents as a “scandal” to hurt Biden, but a new poll shows voters don’t seem to care.
Via: TUSEN from their latest poll:

But the poll also suggests that news of the discovery of the documents has so far had little impact on the president’s grassroots positions. Biden’s approval rating in the new poll stands at 45% in approval to 55% in disapproval, little changed from December’s TUSEN poll, in which 46% agreed with his handling of the presidency.

And the general attitudes towards Biden personally haven’t changed much either. The new poll pegs his preference score at 40% favorable to 54% unfavorable, about the same as December’s 42% favorable to 52% unfavorable.

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What’s really interesting about the TUSEN poll is that it reveals that Trump has been hurt more by Republicans in his classified documents scandal than Biden has been hurt by Democrats:

The polls are starting to roll in and the American people are seeing a difference between the way Biden and Trump are handling classified documents. Voters are more likely to think Trump did something criminal, and with an open Republican presidential primary set to start later this year, a significant number of Republicans could be looking for a reason to support someone other than Trump.

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House Republicans are planning to launch a number of investigations that the majority of voters don’t seem to care about, which is not only a bad formula for the presidential race, but could cost the GOP the House in 2024.


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