Retail trade continues to grow and crosses the 100 billion mark


Second year Corona

Retail trade continues to grow and crosses the 100 billion mark

Retail trade in Switzerland was also able to grow in the second year of Corona. Sales continued to grow and crossed the 100 billion franc mark for the first time. However, the current year harbors various uncertainties.

In the non-food market, the DIY sector once again rose to the top last year. (icon picture)


The corona pandemic could not harm the retail trade in 2021 either. In total, the industry generated sales of 102.3 billion francs last year, as the research company announced on Wednesday. market GfK. This is the first time that the Swiss retail trade exceeds 100 billion francs. After sales had already increased by 2.6% in the first year of Corona, this time the result was growth of 3.3%, according to GfK.

In 2020, the food sector was still benefiting from the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Anstatt auswärts im Restaurant zu Essen, kochten die Leute vermehrt zu Hause. As a result, food sales increased by 8.3% two years ago. By comparison, the reopening of restaurants and the return to travel led to a flattening of sales in the food market last year. Concretely, these increased by 1.1% to reach 44.2 billion in 2021.

Saturation effect for durable goods

The various segments of the non-food market held up better, with sales up 5% to 58.1 billion compared to 2020. In terms of cumulative growth, the DIY segment again climbed to the top. According to GfK, the leisure sector was also extremely positive: trainers, various cycling articles, e-bikes and winter sports supplies were always in trend.

Toys and luggage also recorded growth. The latter is mainly due to the increase in travel activity in the second half of 2021. Despite the growth of the non-food sector, the market research institute GfK identified a saturation effect, in particular for durable goods. These include, for example, cars, furniture and washing machines.

Online boom continues – shopping tourism stagnates

Local e-commerce can also boast a good exercise. Overall, sales in the second year of Corona increased by almost 10% or 1.3 billion francs, while the share of purchases abroad has stagnated for two years. The home electronics sector in particular was popular with customers: according to GfK, every second franc was spent online here in 2021.

With regard to the current year, however, the research institute does not dare to make precise forecasts. This is currently difficult due to global uncertainties. Overall, however, GfK expects a slight drop in sales, but this should still be above the pre-crisis level.


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