River City inmate accused of escaping through the front door is back in custody


River City Correctional Center on Colerain Avenue at Camp Washington.

An inmate accused of escaping the River City Correctional Center in March has been remanded to custody, according to prison and court records.

Danny Waters, 35, of Cleves, is facing a single count of breakout, according to documents filed with Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Waters was cleaning the facility’s lobby on March 17 and fled through the front doors when employees weren’t looking, investigators said in an affidavit. He was seen on video leaving the facility.

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Waters managed to escape capture for more than six months.

Documents were unclear as to how he was located. He was admitted to the Hamilton County Justice Center on Wednesday, where he is being held on $75,000 bail, prison records show.

Numerous inmates have escaped from the facility in recent months, and it has announced changes to security.

Thomas Cromwell, 27, and another inmate escaped from the Camp Washington facility in July. They left through a window that was broken and covered in plywood. Cromwell was fatally shot during a SWAT standoff in Warren County.

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Although the River City Correctional Center is located in Hamilton County, it is not under the responsibility or oversight of the Sheriff’s Office. It is governed by a council under the supervision of judges.

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: River City Prisoner Charged with Front Door Escape Arrested


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