Ron DeSantis indicted to prevent further migrant flights


A Florida state legislator has filed a lawsuit to prevent Florida governor Ron DeSantis from flying more migrants from the US-Mexico border, alleging it violated state law, TUSEN reported.

Democratic state senator Jason Pizzo filed the lawsuit at the Second Judicial Circuit in Leon County, Florida, alleging that the transfer of migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts by the governor of Florida violated state law. Mr. Pizzo also included Florida Transportation Secretary Jared Perdue and Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis as defendants.

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The Florida legislature approved $12 million for a program to transport migrants, but it specifically said the money was intended to move “unauthorized aliens out of this state.” Mr Pizzo’s lawsuit said the Ministry of Transport never set up a program to transport migrants and the Ministry did not receive at least two offers to hire a company to transfer migrants, which the law required .

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Mr. DeSantis — along with other Republican governors such as Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona — has begun moving migrants to Democratic cities and states as a way to criticize Democratic policies they view as lax on immigration. .

The Florida governor, who is considered a potential candidate for president in 2024, said he has people “profile” people who look like they could come to Florida and said he plans to spend “every cent”. given by the state legislature.

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