Royal Enfield partners with helmets for India


The non-profit organization has worked to champion helmet safety in India and the partnership with Royal Enfield aims to promote road safety as well as change the outlook towards it.

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Helmets For India and Royal Enfield will auction off custom helmets to raise funds for helmet safety

Royal Enfield has announced its partnership with “Helmets For India”, a non-profit organization founded by Niels-Peter Jansen. The non-profit organization has worked to champion helmet safety in India and the partnership with Royal Enfield aims to promote road safety as well as change the outlook towards it. While India’s road safety laws justify the use of helmets on two-wheelers, adoption remains dangerously low. Helmets For India has already carried out different helmet safety awareness activities. With support from Royal Enfield, the organization aims to unlock the potential of the brand’s massive ecosystem which includes the community and retail network.

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Conceived in 2018, Helmets For India is an initiative launched by Niels-Peter Jensen, German filmmaker and former mountain bike world champion. Speaking to TUSEN, Niels talked about his maiden trip to India a few years ago and a road accident that made him think about using helmets on two-wheelers, or rather his absence. He says the incident compelled him to take matters into his own hands and influence change in the interests of safety.


Helmets For India uses art to make its statement with helmets as its canvas

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Helmets For India uses art to make its statement, with helmets being the canvas. As Niels says, art and motorcycles represent freedom and have the ability to connect with people who transcend borders. The organization has used self-expression and art as an inspirational medium to unite the global motorcycle community and raise awareness for the cause of educating millions about the need to wear a helmet.

Speaking of the collaboration, B. Govindarajan, Executive Director of Royal Enfield, said: “Fostering a culture of safe riding among enthusiasts has been an important aspect of building the pure motorcycling experience for us at Royal Enfield. Raising road safety awareness, ensuring adoption of the right kind of riding gear, and most importantly, helmet safety have been key pillars of this goal. Helmets For India is a unique initiative inspiring cyclists by positioning and showcasing helmets as an extension of their personality as well as being essential safety equipment This has worked well with our own philosophy that motorcycling is a means of self-expression and we are very happy to partner with Niels and Helmets For India.


The final works will join the 30 previously created for Helmets For India last year to take part in an exhibition

Niels-Peter Jensen, Founder of Helmets For India, said: “Helmets For India is a passionate company born out of a cause that has become very close to me over the past few years. Lack of road safety awareness contributes to a significant loss of lives in India every year.At Helmets For India, we work to create exciting and engaging avenues to educate the biker community on the importance of road safety and helmet adoption.We are delighted and excited to partner with a global motorcycling brand like Royal Enfield to help us drive positive change and inspire the cycling community to embrace helmets as essential partners on their journeys.”

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Helmets For India has collaborated with several artists including Jet Bailey, Broder Boll, Vincent Kamp, Ornamental Conifer, Brush Monkey among others to create unique helmet designs.

To launch the initiative, Helmets For India and Royal Enfield have brought together a collective of world renowned artists who will create unique and evocative artworks on helmets which will be auctioned off to raise funds for the cause of safety. helmets. Around 25 global artists, including Jet Bailey, Ron Miller, Sankskar Sawant and Francesco Colombo’s helmet graffiti designs, will be featured on Royal Enfield’s social media channels as well as the Helmets For India website.

The final artworks will join the 30 previously created for Helmets For India last year to compete in an exhibition and auction in India later this year. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to an Indian NGO that rehabilitates children who have suffered serious head injuries in road accidents.


Custom helmets will be auctioned off to raise money for the helmet safety cause

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Additionally, Helmets For India and Royal Enfield are planning a ride in India with Niels in attendance and will see a team of motorcycle enthusiasts begin their journey from the Royal Enfield Garage Cafe in Goa for a 1000km ride to Kanyakumari. Motorcyclists plan to showcase helmet art along the way and instill the importance of wearing a helmet, whether on a two-minute trip to the grocery store or on a road trip in the Himalayas.

Helmets For India has already undertaken different awareness initiatives in the country. This includes a global collaboration to create custom helmets with more than 20 renowned artists such as Dean Stockton aka D*Face, Magnus Walker, Steve Caballero, Roadkill or Rasmus Tikkanen. Their first awareness ride took place from Mumbai to Goa and saw the team hold awareness workshops and distribute over 300 helmets along the way. The team was on a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, but is ready to make a big comeback in India with the support of RE.


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