Rupali Ganguly says ‘I stick to my maker’s vision’ after fans complained about her repetitive dialogues in Anupamaa


Known for her impressive acting and her monologues, Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly always fails to give a polite yet ferocious reply in her dialogues. However, her fans complain about her long monologues and repetitive dialogues.

In her recent interview with Pinkvilla, Rupali Ganguly spoke about her repetitive dialogues and said, “Fans ki baatein sar aankhon par. My creators know very well what they are trying to convey through Anupamaa. Whatever his (producer Rajan Shahi’s) vision is, I will try to do it with my utmost conviction and depict what he has visualized for Anupamaa to do. I will do it with my utmost ability and abilities.”

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Rupali Ganguly also said that she has full confidence in the makers and will always stand by them. Adding to this Anupamaa star also mentioned that she respected her producer’s vision as it is his show and really believed his opinion. She added: “I never asked him ‘aisa kyun, vaisa kyun?’ (Why this, why not that) If he believes in it, I believe in it. With all due respect to all, Anupamaa is a story that Rajan wanted to tell and I’m glad people feel connected to his characters and his story-telling. So whatever scenes he writes, whatever things he has decided for Anupamaa to do, it’s completely his decision I’m sure he has a vision for everything that happens in Anupamaa and I totally agree with it I will he never doubts and I have no opinion on my scenes. I like everything that happens in Anupamaa and I will stick to it no matter what.”

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For the inexperienced, Anupamaa is one of the top rated television shows that has been ruling the TRP list for 2 years now. Apart from Rupali Ganguli, Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma and Alpana Buch also play lead roles in the show.



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