Rush Creek Lodge offers the most luxurious spa experiences in Yosemite National Park


Rush Creek Lodge quietly launched its one-of-a-kind spa earlier this year, but with travel slowly picking up, it’s time to officially re-announce the opening of the all-new 5,000-square-foot Rush Creek Spa. This indoor and outdoor spa has been specially designed to bring the beauty of Yosemite National Park into every luxury experience.

The innovative environment was inspired by Yosemite. This can be seen and felt in the massage offerings and creative spa activities, many of which incorporate hot water features reminiscent of the park’s many waterfalls, a cool mist room, heated stone loungers inspired by heated rocks. by the park sun, and a sensory room with special light, sound, warmth and scent.

The Rush Creek Spa was imagined by spa director Gigi Richardson and designed by acclaimed San Francisco Bay designer Anthony Laurino. Inside the stunning spa are natural elements, neutral tones, and a warm color palette that recalls the beauty of the park itself.

“When we designed the Rush Creek Lodge, we always believed that guests would truly enjoy a spa experience as the perfect complement to a day exploring the great outdoors of Yosemite. We thought people would love this memorable combination, ”says Lee Zimmerman, co-owner of Rush Creek Lodge. “Since the opening of Rush Creek in 2016, it’s been great fun to watch guests balance time spent in the park with the richness of the experience we offer at the lodge.”

“The spa adds another really cool reason to stay, and another perk for the adults while the kids are enjoying all of the fun features of Rush Creek. And we love that we can treat you in our own style, inspired by the greatness of Yosemite. “

Distinctive features of the Spa include a multi-sensory exploration of Yosemite, incorporating a relaxing combination of water, stone, sound, scent and warmth. This includes the hot waterfall coves; aromatherapy hammam; Himalayan salt block sauna; cool mist showers; sensory room; warm river rock beds; and an outdoor covered pavilion.

Individuals, couples and groups can book exclusive use of the entire spa, which includes food and beverage offers.

The menu includes a cheese board with artisan cheeses, assorted nuts, sliced ​​figs, fruit, crostini and red onion jam; cold cuts with meats, asparagus wrapped in capicola, pickles, peppadews and crostini; windmill board with citrus pesto turkey, roast beef, goat cheese and grilled vegetables; plate of smoked salmon with goat cheese, grilled artichoke, marinated vegetables, pita and green salad; Tuscan skewers with olives, grilled artichokes, mozzarella and sun-dried tomato pesto; Homemade falafel with tzatziki and more.

Cocktails which include oversized jalapeno margaritas, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s; wine and sparkling wine; and soft drinks such as fresh juices are also available.

You can also work with Rush Creek Lodge Executive Chef Anthony Lemens to create a customizable and unforgettable dining experience within the spa. Chef Lemens’ cuisine incorporates fresh, seasonal Californian ingredients with his contemporary style of rustic American cuisine. The culinary team pride themselves on preparing fresh and hearty California mountain lodge cuisine that aims to appeal to a wide variety of palettes.

Main courses include bok choy king salmon, soy glazed shiitake mushrooms and yuzu ginger butter; ciopinno with scallops, halibut, shrimps, mussels in a white wine tomato broth; Korean chicken with napa cabbage, carrots, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms in a Korean barbecue sauce; and more.

We chatted with the team at Rush Creek Lodge and Spa about the property, the food, the overall experience and more. Here is what they had to say.

In your own words, what is unique about Rush Creek Spa?

Gigi Richardson, Spa & Wellness Manager: All of the amenities at Rush Creek Spa come with a story or experience that somehow relates to Yosemite. So not only will you find innovative features like our cascading warm coves, but also a distinctly Yosemite vibe that appeals to both spa-goers and those just looking for a place to relax and completely renew.

How did you get inspired by Yosemite National Park?

Teri Marshall, Director of Marketing: We have all experienced incredibly powerful times of joy, healing and wonder in Yosemite over the years. Thinking about our favorite Yosemite experiences, we decided to focus first on the elements of Yosemite that should be a part of every Spa experience: stone, sound, scent and warmth. From there, we thought about how to recreate some of those Yosemite moments from the comfort of a spa.

One of our favorite creations is our Warm Waterfall Coves, designed by our Spa Director, Gigi Richardson, after a memorable day washing away her worries around Carlon Falls.

Switching from our eucalyptus and lemongrass infused aromatherapy hammam to our cool mist showers mimics the feeling of warming up on a tough hike and being rewarded with the spray of cool mist from one of the many. Yosemite waterfalls.

Warm River Rock beds are inspired by lazy afternoons lying on the smooth, sunny Yosemite granite, soothing after a refreshing swim in the cool waters of Yosemite.

Why is Rush Creek Spa the perfect getaway for COVID times?

Teri Marshall, Director of Marketing: A getaway to Rush Creek Spa means you’ll be surrounded by forests, fresh air, and endless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in one of the most beautiful mountain spots imaginable, right outside Yosemite’s front door. . The intimate size of the Rush Creek Spa makes it an ideal destination for individual guests as well as for private groups, family vacations or girlfriends getaways to a couple celebrating a wedding or honeymoon.

Guests of private groups can enjoy two and a half hours of exclusive spa use for a single party of up to 15 people for $ 1200, where they can enjoy spa amenities such as hot waterfall coves, showers with cool mist, the aromatherapy hammam. , Himalayan salt sauna and granite cascading hot tub.

Additional services can be added including full body massage, chair massage, magnesium foot baths and scrubs, aromatherapy blend bar, etc. Food and beverage packages are also available. “Pod Pampering” as we like to call it.

What are your COVID cleaning protocols?

Teri Marshall, Director of Marketing: We are open to individual appointments and services in addition to private group parties. One-on-one appointments follow recommended health and safety practices such as the use of headgear, frequent hand sanitization, and a host of other sanitization protocols such as a 30-minute break between services for ionized disinfection of air and surfaces, and maintenance of baskets between treatments.

A complete list of enhanced health and safety protocols is available. It should be noted, however, that while our one-on-one treatments are amazing, people really love the freedom to have our truly innovative amenities to themselves through our private party options.

Which spa features have been the most popular?

Teri Marshall, Director of Marketing: Waterfalls are fast becoming a guest favorite – the waterfall’s warm coves and granite waterfall mineral hot tub are at the top of the list. The nature of the experience itself also proves popular, moving between the Yosemite inspired elements. The feeling of going from hot waterfalls to fragrant steam, cool mist to dry heat and the tranquility of the sensory room is just a welcome departure from your typical spa experience.

How does food enhance the private spa experience?

Teri Marshall, Director of Marketing: We have a full menu of freshly prepared items to enhance any spa experience, and a calming space to enjoy food and drink in our outdoor lounge featuring heated floors, ambient heat and a beautiful waterfall.

While it might not sound like it, Rush Creek is a small business owned and operated by two Bay Area Dads who want to share a hospitality experience they want for their own loved ones, so it doesn’t matter. how often the rules change for food. service, we find a way to make it wonderful for every guest.

If meals are not allowed inside, our culinary team always provides fabulous, freshly prepared mountain cuisine to enjoy on site or on your private terrace. Simply put, you can expect to eat and drink your way no matter what.



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