Russia says certain workers will be exempt from conscription after backlash


Russia’s defense ministry said on Friday that some civilians will be exempted from conscription to Ukraine after a partial appeal by Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week.

The ministry announced that “citizens with higher education” working in banking, information technology and telecommunications will avoid the concept, according to The New York Times.

Some companies in those sectors criticized Putin’s decision to use the design, saying losing their employees would negatively impact their operations.

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The Russian newspaper Kommersant, which deals with economics, wrote that airlines and agricultural companies were also concerned about the design, and estimated that 50 to 80 percent of the company’s employees could be called up to fight.

The “leaving of even a few people will seriously complicate or even cripple businesses,” Kommersant said.

Citizens were annoyed by Putin’s decision to mobilize more troops, which could lead to the addition of nearly 300,000 soldiers to the Russian army.

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The Russian government detained at least 876 protesters in 38 cities across Russia on Wednesday after Putin’s announcement, including 337 in Moscow and 301 in St. Petersburg.

The Russian president’s decision follows Ukraine’s military campaign last week that forced Russian troops from key cities invaded earlier this year. The war in Ukraine is taking longer than the Kremlin expected, starting with a failed attempt to take the capital Kiev.

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Ukraine has recently had success with foreign aid and arms assistance, much of which has been provided by the United States.

In his message to the Russian people, Putin said he was not bluffing when he said he would use everything at his disposal to protect his country, raising fears that Russia would deploy nuclear weapons.



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