‘Scouse lad’ dresses up as a 40-year-old woman to make his way through Glastonbury


A guy from Liverpool has taken the term ‘scouse humor’ to the extreme by dressing up as a woman to enter the Glastonbury Festival.

A video on Twitter has gone viral of the man with a heavy Liverpool accent donning a wig and dress.

Posted by @LoriHartx on Twitter, the man – or the woman…? – pretended to be in line at the famous musical event while waiting to enter, reports the Liverpool Echo.

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The tweet read: ‘Day one of Glasto and a scouse boy came up to me with a wig and dress because he had a lady ticket and I was interviewed by TUSEN news right after I walked in.’

The tweet has gone viral, but it’s unclear exactly how he got the ticket given they’ve all got photos of the owners this year as bosses try to arrest ticket resellers.

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He (?) made a lot of effort to enter the festival

The video later tweeted revealed that she had lost him in the queue, but another user – @Jcooper1996 – posted a photo of him to prove he had entered the festival.

He wrote: “Scouse lad bought a 40 year old woman ticket and went full blast.”

The “boy” was pictured sitting on the ground with a rainbow flag on his legs.

It’s unclear if the couple are getting back together, but Lori appeared to be having fun, as she later posted a photo of herself with a bucket of hair that had the words ‘Tory Scum’ written on it in the style of the logo from the movie Toy Story.

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Festival-goers may have found the
Festival-goers may have found the ‘dude’ funny, but they may not find the weather funny this weekend

The guy with the big women’s hat might find it handy, however, after the Met Office issued an urgent weather warning to festival-goers.

The annual music event kicked off yesterday in glorious sunshine – much to the delight of revelers.

But the Met Office warns the four-day event at Worthy Farm in Shepton Mallet could end in disastrous downpour.

Temperatures hit around 27C earlier today (June 23), but seasonal wet weather could see it drop to as low as 18C by the end of the annual festival.

The five-day music festival started yesterday (June 22) and ends on Sunday (June 26)
The five-day music festival started yesterday (June 22) and ends on Sunday (June 26)

Met Office chief forecaster Paul Gundersen said: “Our advice would be to have raincoats on hand for the rest of the festival.

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“Following a warm and at times sunny start to Thursday, it will become cloudier and there will be an increasing risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening, bringing a risk of torrential downpours.

“The exact location of the heaviest of these showers is still uncertain, but people can keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings via our website or app.

“For Friday and the weekend the weather will become cooler and more unsettled, and the risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms continues in the Glastonbury area, and although these are expected to move quickly, Surface water could accumulate at times due to the heaviest downpours. ”

Glastonbury have been contacted for comment on the festival’s ‘female’ punter.

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