Season 3 of “Sex Education” tops Netflix, will season 4 be enlightened?


Sex Education peaked at Netflix for its debut in Season 3, a show that often goes under the radar among the service’s hottest offerings, but it’s clear it has an audience. Few of the Netflix originals reach three seasons in the first place, and when they do, you don’t often see them debuting at the top of the charts.

So that begs the question, does the apparent success of Season 3 of Sex Education mean that Season 4 is a sure thing?

” We do not know [whether there will be more]Asa Butterfield told Cosmopolitan when asked. “It’s not in our hands at this point. I wish I could tell you more; I really do not know.

It seems likely, however, that Sex Education has a better chance than many other series. Being number one helps, sure, but compared to other potential rivals, this is a show that doesn’t command a terribly large budget due to the ease of filming it (70% of the show takes place in a school and homes. of a couple) and not members of the renowned cast commanding giant salaries (although hopefully all of those kids get raises). Her biggest star is probably Gillian Anderson, but even still, I can’t imagine her getting some sort of wild salary here. Most importantly, this is a wholly owned Netflix production, not something they are sharing the license fees on with any other network. It was created specifically for Netflix by Laurie Nunn.

Netflix struggles to cancel shows the longer they last, not because they per se perform poorly, but they have metrics that tell them that extra seasons of shows don’t often attract new subscribers. This is why some “obvious” renewals have not been successful in the past. However, I feel like Sex Education is in a pretty strong position for Season 4, and it certainly ended with a number of cliffhangers that need to be resolved in the future in at least one more season. .

Spoilers follow:

The main thing, of course, is that Otis and Maeve are finally on the same page about admitting their feelings for each other. We’ve now had three seasons where they’ve ‘missed’ each other, dating other people despite apparently being destined to get together. The key to the work is that Maeve is heading to America for a gifted student program, although we don’t know how long that is supposed to last. I’d be slightly annoyed if Maeve came back with an American boyfriend or something. Although I know there is a contingent of fans who want Otis to end up with Ruby, a character who has received a lot more depth this season, and I kind of see where they’re coming from.

I think Netflix needs to support shows like Sex Education to show that they don’t just delete 95% of things after 1-3 seasons. Netflix needs to put in place originals that it can add to its long-term show stock, ones that, of course, can span 4, 5, 6, 7 seasons in the long term. As long as there’s a story to tell, as long as people show up to watch (as they are here, clearly), Season 4 seems like a no-brainer. But we’ll have to wait and see the official confirmation, as these things tend to take a long time to clear up, even with “obvious” answers.

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