SFA is recalling packaged cake from the Philippines due to high levels of sorbic acid


SINGAPORE: The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) issued a recall on Friday (Nov. 25) for a type of packaged cake after it was found to contain more than the permitted sorbic acid content.

The recall affects the Lemon Square Cheese Cake (Original) brand, which comes in a pack of 10 and is imported from the Philippines, with batch number 09 and an expiration date of March 27, 2023.

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The agency has ordered importer Orient Pearl Goods and Services to recall the product as a precaution.

Sorbic acid is a permitted food additive used for preservation, according to SFA.

According to Healthline, it inhibits the growth of mold in food, allowing it to be shipped and stored for longer periods of time. It is commonly used in baked goods, wine, cheese and canned goods.

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People can be allergic to it, but “reactions are usually mild and consist of mild itching,” according to the website.

“Consumption of the affected product is unlikely to have any health effect due to its low toxicity,” it added.

Consumers who have eaten the affected product and are concerned about their health should not consume it, SFA said.

They can contact their point of sale if they have any questions.

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